Applying Breakthrough Technology in the Workplace


Training Overview

Length: Half-day
Participants: 5-40
Location: Nationwide – at your location, at your convenience
Participants Materials: Workbook. Profiles by MBTI or DISC if required
Prerequisite: Establish the unique outcomes you want with your Breakthrough Corporate Training trainer.
Add on courses:
  • Empowering Your Team to Breakthrough
  • Team Skills
  • Team Leadership
  • Effective Decision Making
  • The Innovative Team
  • Team Values and Purpose
  • Fun Team Building Games
  • The Performing and Productive Team


Copyright - Abundance Coaching - The Breakthrough in Life Process - Full versionThis compact yet powerful learning experience is tailor-made to address the unique needs of your team. Your team will grasp its potential to be effective and how it can breakthrough to achieve team objectives and targeted outcomes. The workshop uses interactive exercises along with examples from experienced trainers to equip team members for healthy team functions and communication, it also teaches them how to leverage interpersonal differences to build a cohesive team.

Led by an experienced, result-oriented facilitator, the workshop is fun and meaningful. Participants receive a workbook with follow through ideas to help them maximize the learning experience and apply what they learn from the training. We recommend combining this core workshop with the half-day High Performance Team Building workshop to create a lasting and impactful day of team development.


Because Breakthrough Corporate Training designs tailor-made solutions to your team building needs, we require a brief meeting by phone or Skype, with the appropriate person, to ensure the training laser targets and meets your team and business needs.


This training workshop will take your team to the next level of team cooperation and communication, enabling you to achieve the outcomes your team is targeting.

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