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One of the significant keys to success for businesses and organisations is effective leadership. We believe everyone can become an effective Leader and leadership development should be a priority for every organisation. Through this course we will upskill and mentor you and your team so that everyone grows in their leadership

This Breakthrough Corporate Training proprietary course will include the following outcomes:

• Deepen their understanding of The Breakthrough Influential Leader©.
• Become inspiring models for others.
• Be motivated to be more effective.
• Know how to develop and get their team to “buy in” to the vision and strategic plans.
• Become effective decision makers.
• Know how to heighten employee motivation and help employees achieve their potentials.
• Know how to create an encouraging work environment.
• Be able to undertake regular reviews of the strategic plan and goals.
• Become more focussed on performance outcomes as they learn how to put first things first.
• Have a positive view of conflict transformation and gain the requisite skills.
• Drive the organisation towards growth, as more leaders are developed integrally.

Part 1

1. Understanding The Breakthrough Influen
tial Leader© and the 5 key leadership
2. The character of a leader and the new
3. Developing the leader from within
(includes mentoring and application).
4. The visionary leader; developing a
compelling vision with team alignment.
5. The team-building leader.
6. The values-based leader.

Part 2

1. The Leader’s priorities and productivity.
2. Goal setting and action plans that work.
3. Problem solving skills for every leader.
4. The leader as an effective delegator.
5. Leadership and conflict management.
6. The Leader’s self-care and work/life

Part 3

1. Leading with integrity.
2. Leading with wisdom; the leadership
wisdom principles that strengthen and
deepen leaders.
3. Effective decision making.
4. The disciplined, strategic and focussed
5. The courageous leader.
6. Staying the course; growing in leadership
and the Leader’s development timeline.

Optional Add-On Leadership Topics

Strategies for working with difficult people – Leadership skills for coping with criticism – The confident leader – Attitudes of a leader that produces breakthroughs – Advanced team building – The leader as a coach – Understanding and developing your team members’ leadership and communication styles.

Training Options

90 Min – 1/2 Day: Selected sessions leadership can be led in 90 minutes – 1/2 Day.
1 – 3 Day(s): Day 1 will cover Part 1 of the Breakthrough Influential Leadership© Course. Day 2 will cover Part 1 and 2. Day 3 covers Part 1, 2 and 3.
12-Month Programme: Includes parts 1-3, mentoring and ongoing support

Do you want to know what your investment would be?

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