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Create your Character and Principle Driven Culture! Some businesses today are struggling due to economics and a variety of other reasons. Personal and professional issues make it hard for even the best employees to stay productive. There are more distractions today, and work environments are shifting people’s character and principles. Varying ages, cultures and backgrounds makes things more complicated. Business owners know that employee’s bad habits, lack of integrity, work ethic and honesty are often at points of crisis within their company. Companies and individuals sometimes trade profit for character and now are finding that the short term gains are garnering long term negative results.

We believe that people want to work in environments where qualities of strong leadership, character, vision and courage are cultivated in the people around them. When you lose sight of your character and principles, you and your business will fall into the trap of listlessness and ambivalence. If you want to have any hope of reaching your goals as an individual or business, you need to restore these principles, give them meaning and use them to drive you forward.

Character And Principle Courses BCT

We have a unique, branded, and proven training model that is based on the Global Priority System™ that will bring your business greater success by coaching and training individuals within businesses on universal principles. Our results speak for themselves, and the benefits of the Character and Principle Driven Team Course™ for your business are unmistakable. Your Business will have an improved bottom line after going through our training.

This proprietary course will include the following outcomes for your team:

• Greater levels of job satisfaction with all employees.
• Markedly increased productivity and focus.
• Stronger leadership skills and more organized management.
• Increased value on communication, commitment, character, integrity, trust, and honesty.
• Your employees will have a stronger, better understanding of who they are.
• Healthier team atmosphere.
• Productive problem solving skills and willingness to compromise.
• Less turnover and more commitment to the company.
• Boosted revenue and improved bottom line for your entire company

Breakthrough Corporate Training is a partner with Global Priority. Global Priority is based in Ohio USA and it is a worldwide movement of ethical leaders making a difference in the society. Leadership expert – John Maxwell is a board member of Global Priority Solutions and has contributed to their success. Global Priority Solutions has successfully worked with people in 40 countries in governments, businesses, and communities who want to cultivate principle-driven people around them by providing exceptional character and culture training. In a round table setting, we will facilitate a journey as we lead teams through individual principles. We will discuss how the principle applies in their workplace and we will lead you through steps and actions to follow. In 1 Day, we can lead your team through 4 Principles. We can choose the principles from our library of 40+ principles which include: Ambition, Attitude, Conflict, Confrontation, Correction, Criticism, Dependability, Developing People, Emotions, Direction in Life, Forgiveness, Generosity, Goals, Good Motives, Hard Work, Having Boundaries, Humility, Influence, Inspiration, Judgment, Knowing the Facts, Listening, Morality / Ethics, Patience, Pressure, Productivity, Proper Thinking, Prosperity, Restraint, Responsibility, Sowing, Temper, Understanding People and Wise Planning.

Training Options

90 Min – Selected Principles can be chosen from and led within 90 minutes – ½ Day. It takes 90 minutes to effectively lead a group through one principle. We lead 2 Principles in 1/2 Day.
1 – 5 Days: We will lead your team through 4 Principles in 1 Day with actions and implementation steps included.
12-Month Programme: Team Character and Culture Transformation over 12 Months (see Page 33.)

Find out what your investment will be in one minute or less.