Graciously Handling People
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Handling difficult customers may seem like a thankless job. You can develop skills to adapt to the challenges difficult customers pose and extend these skills to handling difficult people and situations throughout your daily life.

Customer service is a necessary position in the job world today, it helps companies give customers what they want and need. Although many customers can be difficult, with the right training, skills, and knowledge, any difficult customer can be handled properly and effectively.

Participants will learn how engaging customers properly can benefit both the organisation and the customer. Effective customer service can change a company’s reputation for the better. Through this workshop, your participants will gain a new perspective on how to react to negative customers and leave the customer satisfied and as a returning customer.

Handling People In Your Daily Life

This Breakthrough Corporate Training proprietary course will include the following outcomes for your team:

• Cultivate a positive attitude and reduce irritability.
• Develop skills in being gracious and honouring people.
• Manage internal and external stress.
• Develop abilities to listen actively and empathize.
• Build a rapport with customers in person and over the phone.
• Understand the diverse challenges posed by customers.
• Look at the sensitivities in place with challenging customers.
• Develop strategies to adapt to challenging circumstances.

Through this course, participants will get to role play with each other using powerful communication, rapport building, and body language skills. This course is beneficial for people who work in customer service, sales or any relationship centred roles. We will examine people that are rude, angry, from another culture, different generations and customers that are ‘impossible to please.’ In the end, each participant will have developed strategies to effectively and graciously handle challenging people.

Training Options

This course may include actual role-plays or live activations and consulting with customer service, sales teams, etc.

90 Min – 1/2 Day: Selected sessions on graciously handling challenging people in the workplace can be led in 90 minutes – 1/2 day. The abridged Graciously Handling Challenging People Course© can be led in half a day.
1 Day: The complete Graciously Handling Difficult People Course©.

Find out what your investment will be in one minute or less.