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Team health is ignored by many leaders for a variety of reasons, some of the reasons are listed below:

• Leaders have never been trained
• Leaders are consumed with immediate outcomes.
• Leaders are too busy
• Leaders may have tried taking their teams on activities with little results.

For us, who build Breakthrough, team health is crucial for any business seeking growth. Patrick Lencioni, a world-renowned expert on teams, argues that team health is the single biggest advantage for any company. “How can we take our team to the next level?”

In this training course, we will answer this question. Teams usually succeed or fail basedon communication and trust levels.

This interactive training gives your team the skills to communicate more effectively and resolve differences in an empowering and healthy way. Through carefully designed small group exercises, participants are guided to work through team challenges and find great solutions. Often, our clients want a more structured training that focuses on team effectiveness, leadership development, or communication training. We weave our team building activities within your training.

Team building is vital to reinforce the values and vision of your business/organisation and can really contribute to the overall culture of your team. Sometimes our team building focuses on the culture or aspects of building trust and respect, raising morale, and bonding together. Let’s face it, we all need to laugh, and our team building really invokes laughing with each other.

We have found great success in interactive activities that center on Patrick Lencioni’s ‘5 Dysfunctions of a Team’ and ‘Advantage’ books and the advanced team training that goes along with it. This one team building experience is sure to bring your team to a place of being highly effective.

This Breakthrough Corporate Training proprietary course will include the following outcomes for your team:

• Understand the dynamics and importance of teamwork and what is needed to lift the effectiveness of your team.
• Learn how to work together effectively, appreciating each other’s strengths, values, and weaknesses.
• Develop a vision that is “owned” by everyone on the team.
• Create the needed action steps that will see the team and organisation get their desired results.
• Communicate the vision in such a way that it is accomplished.

Team building also aids in building a high performing team with good communication (both verbal and non-verbal), leadership, bonding, fun, trust, and more. As with all of our trainings, we aim to connect with everyone in the training room. This course is interactive and engaging with a mix of teaching, coaching, fun, and application activities

Training Options

This course may include actual role-plays or live activations and consulting with customer service, sales teams, etc.

90 Min – 1/2 Day: Selected sessions leading healthy and cohesive teams can be led in 90 minutes – 1/2 Day
1 Day: The complete Leading Healthy and Cohesive Teams Course©.
2 Days: The complete Leading Healthy and Cohesive Teams Course© Level 2 (only available after Level 1).

Do you want to know what your investment would be?

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