Life Languages™ Profiles & Coaching-For Leaders, Teams, Individuals, Couples and Families


Life Languages™ will help you understand your communication strengths and will also alert you to your weaknesses so you become a great all-round communicator. team context, it is invaluable if respective communication styles are understood by all team members. Developed by Fred and Anna Kendall The Life Language™ profile has been used by organisations and people around the world since 1985. It is NOT a psychological, personality, or intelligence assessment. It is a Communication analysis designed to reveal how you prefer to communicate. Unlike Myers Briggs, Disc, The Four Colours and other assessments you will not be put in a box or given a strict one-dimensional description of who you are. In fact, you will discover the freedom of how you have ALL 7 Life Languages™ and that you flow in different levels and ways naturally with each. We go in-depth with each Life Language so you can understand how you communicate currently and how you can become a fabulous communicator with all of your relationships. If you are ready to improve your communication skills and see dramatic improvements in your relationships – don’t wait any longer. This profile is diagnostic and prescriptive, providing insightful, positive self-discovery resulting in Character-Centered-Communication. Nicole and Scott are two of only a few Senior Life Languages™ coaches. That means we can also train other people to use this amazing system. Plus we’ve been using Life Languages™ since 2006 personally. We led hundreds of hours of one-on-one and couples coaching sessions with Life Languages™ and we have trained leaders and teams around the world.

There are 7 Life Languages™ that each of us have at varying levels:

Get your Life Languages™ Profile today and if you’re ready – opt to get a coaching session with it or choose one of our other options to get your spouse or even family their Life Languages™ Profile. Be your authentic amazing best.