Transitions In The Workplace Course
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The world continues to change rapidly, and businesses and organisations need to make well thought out transitions if they are to flourish and stay relevant.

“Every exit is an entry somewhere else.” – Tom Stoppard.

Change has to do with the basic decisions we make, decisions such as moving to a different site, changing the CEO, or changing the direction of the business. Change is always occurring. However, like someone rightly said, ‘It isn’t the changes that do you in, it is the transitions.’

Transitions involve significant shifts and unless we understand these shifts it is difficult for us to make effective transitions and see the changes we want become a reality. Transitions are often poorly managed, and the changes hoped for fail.

Navigate Transitions In The Work Place

This Breakthrough Corporate Training proprietary course will include the following outcomes for your team:

• How to prepare for transitions – the letting go process.
• Learn how Life Languages™ and the communication styles and distress flares of others affect the change process – and what to do about it.
• Having an abundance mindset and changing your thinking.
• Learn the components to develop a change management and communication plan and learn to list implementation strategies.
• Learn and implement the 7 Cs to Navigate Transitions and Change in the Workplace© – Communication, Commitment, Contribution, Cooperation, Confidence, Conflict resolution, and Connection.
• Understanding the different individual motivators for change.
• Understanding and processing the losses in a transition, and the grief process.
• Having an Abundance Mindset.
• Communication in transitions.
• Celebrating endings and honouring the past.
• Leading people through the reforming zone.
• Building a transition feedback loop.
• Ensure the transition is effective and the changes being sought are achieved.

In this course, we will employ strategies for gathering data and address your specific concerns and issues. We will lead you to evaluate options and solutions to adopt a change direction. We will lead your team through practical strategies that will help them advance to new levels with their change process. This course will give any Leader or team member the tools needed to implement changes more smoothly and to have those changes better

Training Options

This course may include actual role-plays or live activations and consulting with customer service, sales teams, etc.

90 Min – 1/2 Day: Selected sessions on navigating transitions and change in the workplace can be led in 90 minutes. The abridged Navigating Transitions and Change in the Workplace Course© can be led in half a day.
1 Day: The complete Navigating Transitions and Change in the Workplace Course©.

Find out what your investment will be in one minute or less.