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Presentations and speeches have the power to move and inspire people, yet many people have a huge fear of public speaking. We will help you learn to enjoy speaking. Thanks to The Proficient Speaker and Emcee© Course, participants will find themselves enjoying public speaking! This course is based on practical experience and not just theory. Every participant will get to practise their new speaking skills throughout this course.

Do you have team members that need to develop skills as a speaker, emcee or moderator? We will gear our course to where your team is at. We can optionally add emcee and/or moderator skills depending on what you need. This course will be led by Scott Epp and/or Luke Ashcroft and/or Gatik Chaujer. Scott Epp and Luke Ashcroft have a combined 20 years of International Toastmasters experience. Scott has competed and won at the highest levels at International Toastmasters. Scott and Luke have emceed dozens of events. Gatik Chaujer has spoken on TEDx stage. Scott, Luke and Gatik have delivered hundreds of speeches combined.

Develop Passion For Proficient Speaking

This Breakthrough Corporate Training proprietary course will help participants with speaking and emceeing skills:

The Proficient Speaker

• Learn the proficient speaker and emcee HACK© (Humility, Authenticity, Confidence, Know).
• Social etiquette, protocol, and platform manners.
• Preparation for your event (appearance, self-talk, nutrition, microphones, lecterns, slides, and more).
• Stage presence and management.
• The Proficient Speaker Confidence Model©
• Using media, slides, and props – including making incredible slides with proven examples.
• Setting the scene and theme for your speech or talk.
• The Proficient Speaker Story Telling Method© – Take people on a journey.
• The 12 Strategies to Writing a Winning Speech©
• The 12 Strategies to Present a Winning Speech©
• The Body Language Breakout Activity© – Learn how to breakout of The 12 Poor Body Language Habits©
• Effectively use body language, voice, tone and vocal variety.
• Using humour and thinking on your feet.
• What to do and say/What NOT to do and say.
• Proficient bridging and gratitude.
• Learn the advanced speaking strategies that the best speakers and Toastmasters employ.
• Be activated by delivering your own introductions and speeches and get live feedback from your trainer.

Optional Add-Ons for Emcee and/or Moderator Training

Proficient emcee and/or moderation skills – Effective introduction skills – Interacting and engaging – Specific training on event preparation and preparing speakers or moderator panels – Q & A sessions – The PROFICIENT Moderator© (Probe, Respect, Organisation, Flexible, Interested, Care, Energy, Neutral, Timely)

Training Options

1/2 Day: Selected Sessions from The Proficient Speaker and Emcee Course©.
1 Day: The complete Proficient Speaker and Emcee Course©.
1-3 Days: We can lead this course over multiple days when we combine specific coaching on writing and presenting with individuals or smaller groups. We can also offer coaching for speech writing, presentation skills and more on-site or on

Find out what your investment will be in one minute or less.
Find out what your investment will be in one minute or less.