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Does a lack of confidence hold you back from becoming your best self? Can you see the benefits of unlocking the keys to your confidence? Personal confidence has a direct link to personal well-being. When people are more confident, they tend to have more clarity, peace, objectivity, courage and more. The qualities that confident people possess are valuable to any corporate team and workplace culture.
A survey of British managers conducted by the Institute of Leadership and Management in the UK revealed that 50% of female respondents and 31% of male respondents do not feel confident about their job performance and careers.
Have you ever met someone in an organisation and been amazed at how much confidence they exuded? Did you walk away from them thinking, “Lucky them, they were probably born an extravert?” And have you also wondered, “Is it possible for me to train myself to be more confident so that I can draw on that confidence when I really need it?” The answer is a resounding YES!
You can grow in confidence, become more self-assured, develop your personal and professional life, and live your life in a richer way.

“Low self-confidence isn’t a life sentence.  Self-confidence can be learned, practiced, and mastered – just like any other skill.  Once you master it, everything in your life will change for the better.”

– Barrie Davenport

Confident people share many of the same traits, even across cultures and industries. Cultivating the traits, you already have, and developing those that you do not yet have, will build your overall self-confidence. Remember – self-confidence is about building yourself up, not tearing others down. When you are confident, you make others around you feel confident too.
Participants will learn The Keys to Growing Self-Confidence. Our practical and inspirational approach to revealing these keys will rapidly help your participants adopt the keys that are right for them to implement on their confidence journey.

This Breakthrough Corporate Training proprietary course will include the following outcomes for your team:

• Have an accurate understanding of self-confidence.
• Know the 17 keys to building self-confidence.
• Identify at least 3 areas of confidence building to work on.
• Have a plan for growing in confidence.
• Understand the connection between confidence and performance.
• Have a strategy for dealing with negative comments.
• Learn strategies to destroy shame by identifying it and unpacking your shame story.
• Overcome negative comments from others.
• Create an Abundance Mindset and surrender the Scarcity Mindset.

The overall training/coaching is aimed to help participants to learn and implement strategies that will build their confidence. This is the ultimate course to breakthrough your negative self-talk and reinforce positive thoughts.

Training Options

This course may include actual role-plays or live activations and consulting with customer service, sales teams, etc.

90 Min – 1/2 Day: Selected sessions leading healthy and cohesive teams can be led in 90 minutes – 1/2 Day
1 Day: The complete (Course Title©.)
2 Days: The complete (Course Title© Level 2 (We lead this course over 1 Day. The 2nd Day focuses on application.)

Find out what your investment will be in one minute or less.