The Ultimate Workshop By Breakthrough Corporate Training
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Creating your personal, professional, and organisational vision and setting the right priorities and goals will lead you to ultimate success.

This workshop is awesome for helping people gain clarity on where they are standing, what their vision for their life is and what the action steps are to get where they want to go. We can exclusively customise The Ultimate Year Blueprint© proven process for you and your team. We could lead this workshop for your leadership team at your next retreat or off-site day and we could incorporate your organisational vision, priorities, and goals. This workshop is potentially the most creative, effective, and fun workshop you’ve ever attended.

If you want to have an ultimate year as an organisation or personally, then you need to focus and plan. Prepare to be inspired through our proven process that will help you create your vision board and plan your ultimate year based on YOUR personal and professional priorities. The intention of this workshop is to create awareness, plan for  plan for success, and take focused action.

Ultimate Year Course For Success

This Breakthrough Corporate Training proprietary course will include the following outcomes for your team:

• Find and consistently keep the right commitment for the year.
• Uncover the personal and professional blocks and limiting beliefs that are holding you back.
• Navigate through The Ultimate Year Blueprint©.
• Mastermind in a creative and inspiring environment.
• Create your ultimate year life priorities and feel free and equipped to personally and professionally take on your ultimate year action plan.
• Create your Ultimate Vision Board Activity© (This highly acclaimed step is optional as it does take 1.5 – 3 hours.)

It is well documented that psychologically when you combine personal development with creative activities, there is an increase in engagement and buy-in. We have developed a proven process that activates and inspires people throughout the day. Your Ultimate Year Course© can be led at any time during the year. If you’re looking for a personal development workshop that is highly engaging while still pragmatic, this is your workshop.

Are you looking for a creative solution to clarify your organisational vision, mission, values and goals? We can lead this workshop for leadership groups. This collaborative, engaging, creative and interactive workshop will be customised to your organisation/leadership needs.

Training Options

1/2 Day: The abridged Ultimate Year Course© (without vision board session or without extensive goal session.)
1 Day: The complete Ultimate Year Course© (includes vision board session if desired). Perfect for staff off-site days or staff retreats.

Find out what your investment will be in one minute or less.