A great speech can inspire, educate, motivate and move people. We remember speeches from our past and current prime ministers, presidents, and leaders. We are influenced by speeches from famous movies and inspired by the speeches that united the underdogs to win the big game or fight.

All 5 of our featured Keynote Speakers have exceptional experience and have combined to deliver over 1,000 talks to groups of 10 – 20,000. In his 12 years with Toastmasters International, Scott Epp competed and won at dozens of speech and evaluation competitions. He was also a finalist for The Toastmasters International Humourous Speech Contest in 2012. Scott is engaging and dynamic in his speaking style and he inspires his audiences to rise up in confidence and action. Read more about Scott Epp – Keynote Speaking. Luke Ashcroft has enthuses and motivates audiences with his authoritative keynote talks on wellness and human performance. Read more about Luke Ashcroft – Keynote Speaking. Greg Beech is a sought-after leadership speaker who brings vast wisdom from working with thousands of leaders around the world. Read more about Greg Beech – Keynote Speaking. Gatik Chaujer has invigorated audiences around the world especially with his Story Telling talks and he has presented on the TEDx stage. Read more about Gatik Chaujer – Keynote Speaking. Nathan Martin has trained 5 number 1 Tennis players including Lleyton Hewitt and he specialises in delivering keynote talks on breaking through fear, confidence and peak performance. Read more about Nathan Martin – Keynote Speaking.

Inspirational/Keynote talks can be between 15 minutes to 2 hours long. Scott Epp and Luke Ashcroft have emceed dozens of high calibre events and they are available to be moderators and/or emcees at your upcoming event. Enquire by calling us or watch our highlight videos at the bottom of this page.

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Here are some of Scott Epp’s popular inspirational/keynote talks:

1. The 7 Powerful Keys to Create Your Abundance Mindset© – and Crush Scarcity Once and for All!
2. Awaken the Wild Lion Within – Have the Confidence to Achieve Anything by Taking Back Your Roar!
3. Breakthrough Influential Leadership© – A Roadmap for Leaders Who are Connected, Real and Effective
4. Living Your Epic Life Values© – and Getting the Most out of Your Life and Work
5. Social Intelligence –The Art of Communication and Interpersonal Skills
6. Authentically Building Trust and Rapport© – Harnessing Your Emotive Super Powers
7. Overcoming the Fence of Offence – The Cure That Will Synergise Your Team

Here are some of Luke Ashcroft’s popular inspirational/keynote talks:

1. Eat, Move, and Think Your Way to a Personal Wellness Revolution
2. The Secret Competition – How to Achieve Your Health and Wellness Goals
3. From the Edge of Human Performance – Harnessing the Power of the Mind to Blast Your way to Success
4. The Hidden Struggle – Why Fear Paralyses People and Organisations… and What to Do About It

Here are some of Greg Beech’s popular inspirational/keynote talks:

1. Living a Life of Impact, Contribution, and Legacy
2. Making a Real Difference with Corporate Social Responsibility
3. Social Intelligence – The New Wave of Selling and Communicating
4. Breakthrough Influential Leadership© – A Roadmap for Leaders Who are Connected, Real, and Effective

Here are some of Gatik Chaujer’s popular inspirational/keynote talks: :

1. Story Telling for Leaders
2. Influencing Without Authority
3. Critical Conversations

Here are some of Nathan Martin’s popular inspirational/keynote talks:

1. The Keys to Breaking Through Fear and Having Confidence
2. How to Champion People to Perform at the Highest Levels

Enquire to find out how we can add value to your group with keynote talks, emceeing and/or moderating.