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Are you ready to have some fun as a team? When we design our Team Building Experiences we meet with your leaders and discuss the available options. Sometimes our team building focuses on aspects of building trust, raising morale, and team bonding. We offer a range of activites from painting that unlocks creativity and purpose to Builder Blocks / LEGO activities that are centred around problem solving to vulnerable team trust activities. We could lead The Egg Drop Team Building Experience© (See Pg 27) or we could even lead The Ultimate Vision Board Activity© (See Pg 16). Our team building invokes laughing with each other and team synergy. Here are a few of our Team Building Activities:

Epic Life Values Game© – This game was created by Scott Epp. After an introduction to Values each participant will receive a set of Values cards. Participants’ are led through multiple stages. The fun and tension heats up as particpants need to discard, trade or sell Values cards that they have to get the cards that they really want.

The Village – This is a great team activity to experiment and discover the value of seeing the bigger picture. This is one of the most popular and high demand team building activity that promotes bonding, collaboration and the need to break silos – with a lot of fun and excitement. The groups come together to become one team – physically and in ideas and execution – to build on a big scale model of the village!

The Ultimate Spaghetti Bridge Challenge© – The Ultimate Spaghetti Bridge Challenge© requires immense creativity, team work, strategy, resourcefulness and engineering to complete. After the initial briefing by the facilitators, the groups will need to complete this task in 3 stages – The Preparation, The Building and The Testing stage. We mix things up with ‘Breakthrough Bucks’ to buy additional materials at the ‘Breakthrough Store.’

The Great Indian Rope Trick – Teams must un-entangle a long piece of rope which is laid down on the ground in a strategic way by facilitators. Teams will then make a perfect square with the rope! Of course, since they are blindfolded, they have no idea what shape the rope is in or which “part of the puzzle” they hold! What transpires is hilarious and chaotic – with the need for the team to communicate and listen so they can achieve what seems impossible!

Who is the Richest Winner?© – The activity itself is based on the principles of game theory – although none of that is shared with the participants at the start. The activity is played out in groups, with each group needing to achieve a revenue target. The activity intensifies as groups negotiate and trade their with the other groups. What ensues in a great deal of discussions, planning and negotiations – and the only way to win is if everyone wins!

Our Core Values are Engagement, Breakthrough and Passion and we bring these values with us into every team building experience. We can compliment an existing Course / Workshop with a team building activity. Let’s breakthrough and have some fun!

Here are some ways our team building will benefit your team:

• Our Team building events create the environment needed to focus on the importance of teamwork, bonding and synergy.
• Team building also aids in building a high performing team with good communication (both verbal and non-verbal), leadership, bonding, fun, trust, and more. Team members will become more efficient and they will grow in their appreciation for each other’s strengths and values.

Team Building Options

90 Minutes, 1/2 Day, 1 Day: Custom Design. We can lead multiple team building activities in a day. We will customise to meet your needs. Please enquire.

Do you want to know what your investment will be? We are celebrating our 10 year anniversary with a sale. Use the special code ‘sale10’ to get 10% off all offerings.