Treat Retreat By Scott Epp
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Get ultimate success and breakthrough with your team by taking them away on a corporate team retreat. One of the reasons company leaders scrutinise company retreats is because it takes time away from the office. While this is true, research has found that spending time away in an outside location provides employees with time to step back and re-evaluate their work. They head back to the office with focus, energy, and stamina which results in the whole team being happier and more effective.


We offer corporate retreats on a large variety of topics. Corporate retreats can be led with leadership groups or with an entire team. We could come in to deliver a half-day or full-day training with fun and interactive sessions from any of our courses such as the Life Languages™ Communication Breakthrough course. We have a Life Plan and Business Plan intensive format that is suited for team retreats. We could run sessions on discovering your individual or company values, vision, and purpose. We can facilitate sessions where we develop your strengths with communication, leadership, conflict resolution, rapport building, sales, or more. We could run sessions on building healthy and cohesive teams or mental and emotional health. Our Leadership retreats are exceptional as they provide you a powerful way to become a breakthrough influential leader that is character and heart-driven.


Treat Retreat By Scott Epp

Furthermore, our retreats are often led with fun and creative team-building aspects that get your team to really think and work things out. We have team development and team-building activities that we could include in your retreat. Your leaders may have some of the sessions that they want to run internally. This is great as we will work with you to complement our part with you. Our team building activities can include team bonding competitions with egg drops, lego builds, building a village, or an expansive spaghetti bridge. Luke Ashcroft and Scott Epp can also explore possibilities with leading a fear breakthrough workshop with optional board breaking and/or firewalking experience as well. As you can see there are possibilities for you. If you want to create lasting positive experiences and strengthen employee relationship with your company, then plan a team retreat with us.

Custom Retreat At Breakthrough Training

Here are a few of the benefits you and your team will experience with a team retreat with sessions/activities from Breakthrough Corporate Training

• Nurture closeness and bonds among team members.
• Set new and common company goals and deeper learning.
• Facilitate amazing communication breakthrough with team members.
• Build up skills and effectively perform as a team.
• Increase team morale and joy.
• Express gratitude and appreciation for your team members.

Training Options

When we talk to Team Leaders about retreats we find there are a lot of aspects to plan for. We can lead sessions for corporate retreats that companies are already hosting. Depending on the scope of the team retreat, we could find the retreat location and plan other necessary aspects that will make your experience amazing. Some venues that you may want to consider are Glen Worth Valley, Kangaroo Valley, Stanwell Tops, Sydney Northern Beaches, Sydney Maroubra Beach, Blue Mountains, Nowra, Berry, Central Coast, Cairns, Gold Coast, Melbourne, Perth, Adelaide and many other locations. We can explore any possibility for a retreat in Australia, India, Philippians, Singapore, New Zealand, Thailand, Indonesia, Canada, The United States, Europe…


1/2 Day – 3 Days: Custom Design. We will customise this team retreat to meet your needs. We will evaluate your needs and propose the right plan to ensure your retreat is amazing. Please enquire.

Find out what your investment will be in one minute or less.