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About Scott Epp

Canadian born Scott Epp is an International Corporate Trainer and Transformation Specialist who helps leaders, executives and teams with their mindset, communication, engagement, productivity and performance. He has been coached by some of the world’s most successful Performance Coaches including Andrea J Lee and Ted McGrath and now he has helped 1000s of people on stage, in training, workshops and one-on-one to breakthrough. Scott’s enthusiastic, motivating and relationship building style help him connect with leaders and then draw out their authentic amazing best. Contact Scott and the Breakthrough Corporate Training Team to find out how we could lead a workshop, talk or event by calling 0481 307 778 in Sydney or Click This Link to Send Me a Quick Email:      SEND US A QUICK EMAIL

Top 5 Tips for Executives – By Scott Epp | Corporate Trainer Sydney

Here at Breakthrough Corporate Training in Sydney, we focus on helping your business be the best in can be. I’m a corporate trainer and executive coach with Breakthrough Corporate Training, and I know that as an executive, it can be difficult to find ways to motivate, encourage, and inspire your employees. I’m here to share [...]

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Leadership Training Sydney Can Help You Overcome Career Obstacles

In today’s competitive job market, many companies find that their employees don’t have the necessary skills to do their jobs successfully. Job skills are rapidly changing, and most companies aren’t offering the training necessary for their employees to keep up. However, there are some simple changes you, as a hiring manager, can make to your [...]

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Executive Training in Sydney – Develop Your Team Building Skills

Strong teams don’t just build themselves - they require a dedicated effort from everyone involved to work towards common goals. This is especially important for managers and team leaders, who really set the tone for how the team performs overall. If you are sensing a disconnect among your employees, your organization may benefit from some [...]

Develop Leadership Skills in Business with Breakthrough Training Sydney

Breakthrough Corporate Training in Sydney offers professional solutions to give your organization a jump start. Whether it’s team building or executive training, we offer training sessions that are tailored to your company’s needs. If you are a manager looking to lead more effectively, our leadership training sessions may be a great fit for you. There [...]

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Corporate Training in Sydney Enhances Workplace Productivity

Productivity in the workplace is a problem many employers face on a regular basis. Keeping your employees engaged, enlightened and interested in their daily work can be difficult. If you are looking for a way to improve day to day productivity, look no further than Breakthrough Corporate Training. We are a Sydney based corporate training [...]

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