Our Covid-19 Notice: 50% Off Team Training Workshops/Courses and Coaching on-line on Zoom.us

Dear Australian Manager or Business Leader,

“The times have been challenging and so many of us are working from home right now. Our thoughts and prayers go out to everyone that is affected by Covid-19. My name is Scott Epp and I am a Director here at Breakthrough Corporate Training. I encourage you to consider this next journey with hope. Businesses in Australia and in the world have been incredibly affected by Covid-19 and all of the implications surrounding this worldwide pandemic. Right now, business leaders need to pivot and consider how they will adjust and come out stronger on the other side. Our team is here for you as you approach this new challenge and we have a response that will make your training more affordable as well as an infrastructure to support you with on-line training via Zoom.us. We are offering 50% off all our training workshops/courses and coaching. For the time being we will only be offering our team training on-line on Zoom.us and we will send digital workbooks to all participants. Our team has led hundreds of coaching and training sessions on Zoom.us and it has proven to be a reliable and effective training solution for teams of up to 100 people. You can choose to have one or two trainers for all of our courses. We will lead you live for the allotted time on Zoom.us. We will share our screen with cutting edge visual presentations. Our values are Breakthrough, Engagement and Passion and you and your team will experience interactive and in-depth training on-line with us. Zoom.us has the technology to have breakout rooms and further the interaction in small group settings. Two trainers are ideal for larger groups if you want to have breakout rooms on Zoom.us. Until 30 June or further notice here is our new pricing.” – Scott Epp – Co-founder of Breakthrough Corporate Training

Zoom.us Workshops for up to 100 Participants with our Trainer(s)

(1-1.5 Hour) Workshop – Includes digital workbooks
1 Coach/Trainer – $1500Zoom.us online Training $750 ($50% off)
2 Coach/Trainers – $2500Zoom.us online Training $1250 ($50% off)

(3-4 Hour) Half Day Workshop – Includes digital workbooks
1 Coach/Trainer – $2500Zoom.us online Training $1250 ($50% off)
2 Coach/Trainers – $3750Zoom.us online Training $1875 ($50% off)

(6-8 Hour) Full Day Workshop – Includes digital workbooks
1 Coach/Trainer – $3500Zoom.us online Training $1750 ($50% off)
2 Coach/Trainers – $5000Zoom.us online Training $2500 ($50% off)

Accelerating team performance and growth through cutting edge communication, confidence and cohesive team training

Now available on-line on Zoom.us! Much more than just a communication training – the 7 Life Languages™ Profile and our Featured Life Languages™ Communication Breakthrough Course will reveal your team members’ communication strengths and challenges while building your healthy and cohesive team. This will lay a foundation for culture change and increase your bottom line! Watch this video to learn the revolutionary benefits of this workshop and how we will get your team the results you need with character-centred-communication.

Scott and Nicole Epp are your Australia Senior Certified Life Languages™ Communication Coaches and Luke Ashcroft and Charissa Yavtucovich are your Certified Life Languages™ Communication Coaches.

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If you’ve been tasked with finding a great corporate training in Sydney, Australia or anywhere in the world, you have come to the right place. We’ve been Transforming Lives since 2009! We specialise in all types of corporate soft skills training including: communication training, leadership development, team effectivenessworkplace coaching and team building activity for teams. We build cohesive teams that are engaged in their work and that function effectively and productively. This ultimately leads to organisational health and increased profits. 

Maybe you have been searching online and asking people if they know of a “good” team to come in and help your company with its confidence / employee engagement, leadership development training, culture / communication training, motivation and soft skills and training needs. Well, your search is over. Our approach to creating valuable programs your team will love is a product of being part of and studying the most effective training and coaching methods with hundreds of leaders and companies around the world. We’ve found that amazing content delivered with passion in a lively and engaging way boosts employee morale, retention and overall workplace satisfaction. Get inspired, have fun and find out how we will help you get the results you need with your team!

Originally from Canada, Scott Epp is the director of Abundance Coaching Pty Ltd which is the parent company for Breakthrough Corporate Training (BCT). Co-Founders Scott Epp and Greg Beech have led hundreds of corporate training courses and talks in Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth, Newcastle, Gold Coast, Shepparton, Wagga Wagga, Townsville and Sydney Australia and Internationally. Scott and Greg both have over 10,000 hours of one-on-one Professional Coaching and Mentoring. Our team has vast experience in leadership development, organizational health, team performance, communication training, productivity and employee engagement training. Scott has won multiple speaking awards and could be hired to present an inspirational keynote talk at your next event or workshop. Scott and Nicole Epp are the Senior Certified Life Languages™ Communication Coaches here in Australia and Their Life Languages™ Communication Breakthrough Workshop is highly sought after. We could also provide a motivational talk, board breaking or firewalking experience for your team.

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