Life Languages™ Communication Breakthrough Workshop and 12 Month Culture Transformation Programme

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Life LanguageCommunication Breakthrough Workshop is available for teams in Sydney Australia and Worldwide


  • Do you see the potential for communication in your organisation to improve?

  • Does it seem like a lot of time is wasted because of poor communication?

  • Do you want to build an effective team communication action plan and integrate it into your team culture?

  • Are you aware of conflicts occurring with resultant lowered productivity because of communication difficulties?

  • Do you sometimes suspect that your staff are working in areas which are not their strengths?

  • Would you like to gift your employees with some tools that would help them become great communicators both in business and in their personal relationships?

    The Profile and this training will identify in you and your team what your communication styles are and how you can authentically become a more productive, effective and character-centered team. Modern teams need to have high Emotional Intelligence Quotient (EIQ) and high Communication Intelligence Quotient (CIQ.) Let’s start your Journey today! Send us a Quick Email or get an Instant Quote.    

“Communication is the key ingredient to an enriching and productive team” – Scott and Nicole Epp

One of the most common complaints we hear in workplaces revolves around ineffective communication. This training, the profile, tools and interactive approach is aimed specifically at making the communication skills stronger with all members of your organization or team that attend. We will guide you to understand and apply your 7 Life Languages™ in this revolutionary and fun workshop. Developed by Fred and Anna Kendall The Life Language™ profile has been used by organisations and people around the world since 1985. It is NOT a psychological, personality, or intelligence assessment. It is a Communication analysis designed to reveal how you prefer to communicate. Unlike Myers Briggs, Disc, The Four Colours and other assessments you will not be put in a box or given a strict one-dimensional description of who you are. In fact, you will discover the freedom of how you have ALL 7 Life Languages™ and that you flow in different levels and ways naturally with each. We go in-depth with each Life Language so you can understand how you communicate currently and how you can become a fabulous communicator with all of your relationships. If you are ready to improve your communication skills and see dramatic improvements in your relationships – don’t wait any longer.

About our Life Languages™ Communication Breakthrough Workshop

This workshop is based on the principle of Character Centered Communication, which aims to help you and your team communicate more efficiently and productively. This system and our training will identify your communication challenges, and help you build effective teams, maximizing the efficiency of your organisation. We will use this training as a foundation for the culture change that you are creating with your organisation. Our Life 

Languages™ training includes individual profiles, team culture and crosstalk profiles, specialized training, application courses and coaching so that your workplace communication becomes a strength. The Leadership team will receive a Life Languages™ Culture map with group reports and leadership data and information about the team that is very useful in driving culture change.

Our training will teach you and your team how to create effective communication with each other and your customers, and will empower you and your team in the following ways:

  • Participants will learn effective communication with your management, peers, and teams.
  • Participants will discover healthier ways to resolve conflicts and connect with your co-workers.
  • Participants will develop your Emotional Intelligence skills.
  • Participants will discover amazing insights for effective conflict resolution.
  • Participants will become aware of your communication weaknesses and how to turn these into strengths.
  • Participants will have a raised level of insight, awareness, motivation, and engagement

Breakthrough Corporate Training is the Australian Head Office for Life Languages™ and we are the Senior Trainers with this incredible culture and life building profile. We will help you deeply understand yourself and others through our unique Breakthrough with Communication Training – with Life Languages™.Team Building Activities - Sydney - Breakthrough Corporate Training

This is possible through our core values that help to drive this program:

  • Everyone is unique, which is great for workplace diversity although this also means that everyone has their own strengths and weaknesses.
  • People are able to change, and with our help, these changes will help improve communication.
  • There are opportunities for self-development, success, and growth and everyone should always be on the lookout for these opportunities
  • The key to effectiveness is communication.
  • The Life Languages™ training, when properly applied, can bridge all types of differences between people.
  • Learn how to have crucial conversations and healthy conflict.
  • Learn how to effectively hire the right people for your team based on their Life Languages™ and raise up the existing people on your team.

Once you have learned and started to apply what you have learned during our workshop, you will notice positive changes within your organization. Your organization will flourish.

MBTI alternative, DISC Alternative, 4 Colors Personality Test, The Four Temperaments, Meyers Briggs vs DISC vs Life Languages™

You may have heard of profiles or tests like DISC or Myers Briggs which tell you about your personality. Life Languages™ is a unique and different profile that gives you a comprehensive picture of who you are and how you communicate, act and behave. This profile does not single you out into one of 16 styles but rather expresses how we are all wired with 7 Life Languages™ at varying levels. Each of these 7 Life Languages™ has positives and negative qualities, so you should not be discouraged by your results after the assessment. In the training, we will also train you on how to spot distress flares and chronic patterns that kill team culture, unity, and trust. These negatives can be spotted and effectively dealt with and it will save your Organisation from losing good people and more.

How will Life Languages™ Help your Team?

Life Languages™ will help you understand your communication strengths and will also alert you to your weaknesses so you become a great all-round communicator. In a team context, it is invaluable if respective communication styles are understood by all team members. Every member of your team will get a deep understanding of who they are and how there are wired and they will learn about their peers and the organisation’s culture. By understanding this, you can make the workplace a better and more efficient environment. This profile is diagnostic and prescriptive, providing insightful, positive self-discovery resulting in Character-Centered-Communication.

There are 7 Life Languages™ that each of us have at varying levels:

Mover Life Language© - The Mover Life Language™ is characterised by being direct and assertive. They are ambitious and reactive and are pioneers in their field. This language is in the “kinetic” category, which means that they respond with actions first.
Doer Life Language© - The Doer Life Language™ is characterised by being dedicated and observant of surroundings. ‘Doers’ are diligent and practical, and incredibly responsible. This is another language within the “kinetic” category.
Influencer Life Language© - The Influencer Life Language™ is characterised by being creative and optimistic. Influencers are very verbal and enthusiastic, as well as relational. This language is categorised as “emotive”, which means influencers respond with their hearts first in reaction to people and situations.
Responder Life Language© - The Responder Life Language™ is characterised by being compassionate and passionate. Responders are sensitive and warm. They are also very verbal and reactive. The Responder is in the emotive category.
Shaper Life Language© - The Shaper Life Language™ is characterised by being organised and focused. This can make Shapers great visionaries and strong delegators. Shapers can work efficiently. The Shaper is categorised as “cognitive,” which means they tend to use their head first to react to situations and people.
Producer Life Language© - The Producer Life Language™ is characterised by being gracious, responsible and philanthropic. Producers are also resourceful, thoughtful, and hospitable. This language is also in the “cognitive” category.
Contemplator Life Language© - The Contemplator Life Language™ is characterised by being inquisitive and intelligent. Contemplators are philosophical, calm and peaceful. This language is also categorised as “cognitive”.

Your Kendall Life Language Profile (KLLP™) Individual Report, Culture Report and More.

The KLLP™ was developed by Fred and Anna Kendall and is used widely around the world. When we Deliver our Life Language™ Breakthrough Communication Training we also give each member of your Team a Comprehensive Personalised Life Languages™ Report. You will also receive a very detailed Cross Talks / Cross Ties Specialised Team Report. A team of 20 people would generate a report that is around 200 pages including:

Full Directory Life languages™ Report, Full Group report, Group Cross-Talk / Cross-Ties Comparisons, Cross-Talk / Cross Ties Communication Indicators, Executive Report, Radar Report and more. Here’s a very quick sample of some of the aspects of the team report that you will get:

Communication is one of the easiest ways to improve upon your company and team. Call us at 0481 307 778, enquire here or get an instant quote today.   This training is often where we start with teams and flowing on from this training we are able to dive into advanced team building, leadership development, sales training, productivity and engagement training that will multiply the ROI of your training experience that you get from us.

12-month Team Communication and Culture Program

Enquire to find out more about our 12-month Team Communication and Culture Program. This in-depth programme will transform your team culture, character and communication through one-on-one coaching, group training and ongoing support. We will train your HR Manager to become Certified with Life Languages. This program will immerse your team in Life Languages™ as they catch the skills and natural behaviours of each communication style and become effective in all ways.

12 Month Life Languages™ Culture Transformation Program

Many teams will want more than a single workshop. If you are looking to transform your team culture we offer you this comprehensive program for your organisation and teams. We will provide a full team culture and communication map and build a customised pathway for your 12-month journey with our training and coaching team. Although this program is customisable we would have a few suggestions that we know will lead to the culture transformation that your team needs. This will include foundational Life Languages Workshops, in-depth character and communication workshops. We will include conflict resolution / leadership development workshops and specialised one-on-one communication coaching with your leaders and participants. Your managers and Leaders will become absorbed in Life Languages and the breadth of skills we provide. We will certify your HR Manager(s) to become certified to train and coach with the Life Languages™. At the end of the 12-months, your team will be absorbed in Life Languages and your intercompany communication and culture will be transformed.

What Are Your Outcomes?

We will customise this program for your group. Your culture transformation outcomes can be achieved in a number of ways. Each participant will:

  • Better understand yourself through Life Languages™
  • Understand others through Life Languages™
  • Create pathways to effective intercompany communication
  • Empower the people in your Business or Organisation
  • Be intentional in developing people
  • Increase sales and ROI
  • Decrease turnover
  • Decrease misunderstandings
  • Reducing conflict
  • Diversity training that will eradicate sub-cultures within your company
  • And many more benefits

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Enquire to find out more about our 12-month Life Languages Culture Transformation Program. This in-depth programme will transform your team culture, character and communication through one-on-one coaching, group training and ongoing support. We will train your HR Manager to become Certified with Life Languages. This program will immerse your team in Life Languages™ as they catch the skills and natural behaviours of each communication style and become effective in all ways.

Our aim is to customise your event, training, workshop etc so that we meet your needs and provide ultimate return on your investment. Feel free to contact us at 0481 307 778 or send us a quick email.


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This training workshop will take your team to the next level of team communication, enabling you to achieve the outcomes your team is targeting.

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