Meet our Corporate Trainers and Professional Coaches


You and your team will find out trainers and coaches creative, inspiring, motivating, warm, friendly and challenging as speakers or workshop / Retreat leaders. Each topic can be covered in ranges from 10 minutes to 1 hour. If your team requests a workshop on these or other topics, one can be arranged. Additionally, we can write a speaking program or workshop that is customized to the topic(s) of your choosing. If needed, we can also set up a teleconference workshop online for your group.

As Sydney Motivational Speakers, our workshops, corporate training, leadership training and retreats are done in the city of Sydney and throughout Australia. However, we can be hired to speak at your event or business anywhere in Australia and Internationally.


Canadian born Scott Epp is passionate about helping people live with passion and abundance! Scott has led over 100 keynote speeches and workshops and won numerous speaking competitions. Scott is a co-founder of Abundance Coaching, Breakthrough Corporate Training and Coachemy Academy and he is an Australia Senior Certified Life Languages™ Coach. With over 10,000 hours of professional coaching and mentoring experience, Scott has positioned himself to specialise in helping people and organisations become their authentic amazing best! Scott’s enthusing and inspiring coaching and leadership style will spur you to get transformed results in every course he leads.

Greg Beech is a co-found of Breakthrough Corporate Training. He specialises in helping leaders and teams to perform at their best. Greg travels extensively to third-world countries as a motivational speaker and trainer. Having witnessed poverty f