Meet our Corporate Trainers and Professional Coaches


You and your team will find out trainers and coaches creative, inspiring, motivating, warm and friendly as speakers or workshop/retreat leaders. Our Trainers/Coaches align with our Breakthrough Corporate Training Purpose and Values.


To Empower Leaders and Teams to Breakthrough and Achieve Their Potential!


Our Core Values show you what is really important to us and how we behave. Our core values demonstrate who we are at our core to our clients. These Core Values are intrinsic to who we are and they do not change. Our Core Values are Engagement, Breakthrough, and Passion.

  • Engagement – We are engaged in every client encounter.
  • We empower leaders and teams to Breakthrough.
  • Passion is our energy that fuels transformation experiences.


Our Nurture Values are values that we care about and that we aim to demonstrate in our behaviour. These values reflect our standards and how we function in our organisation. Our Nurture Values are: Relevance, Heart, Integrity, Presence, Truth, Courage and Teamwork.

We aim to customise the courses that we offer to meet your team needs and objectives. Additionally, we can write a course/workshop that is customized to the topic(s) of your choosing. If needed, we can also set up a Teams teleconference workshop online for your group. As Sydney Motivational Speakers/Trainers, our workshops, corporate training, leadership training, and retreats are done in the city of Sydney and throughout Australia. However, we can be hired to speak at your event or business anywhere in Australia and Internationally.


Canadian born Scott Epp is passionate about helping people live with passion and abundance! Scott has led over 100 keynote speeches and workshops and won numerous speaking competitions. Scott is a co-founder of Abundance Coaching, Breakthrough Corporate Training and Coachemy Academy and he is an Australia Senior Certified Life Languages™ Coach. With over 10,000 hours of professional coaching and mentoring experience, Scott has positioned himself to specialise in helping people and organisations become their authentic amazing best! Scott’s enthusing and inspiring coaching and leadership style will spur you to get transformed results in every course he leads.

Greg Beech is a co-found of Breakthrough Corporate Training. He specialises in helping leaders and teams to perform at their best. Greg travels extensively to third-world countries as a motivational speaker and trainer. Having witnessed poverty firsthand, Greg was moved to do all he could to make a difference in people’s lives and he is also the founder of Homes of Hope International. Greg speaks to groups ranging from 10 – 10,000. He has delivered thousands of presentations internationally, leading workshops, seminars, and leadership courses. With over 10,000 hours of professional coaching and mentoring, Greg speaks with wisdom and authority with every course he leads.
Nicole Epp is a co-founder of Abundance Coaching, Breakthrough Corporate Training and Coachemy Academy. As an Australia Senior Certified Life Languages™ Coach, Nicole excels at teaching and revealing the 7 Life Languages™ with an in-depth understanding of this exceptional communication tool. Since 2006, Nicole has grown in her knowledge in Life Languages™. She has led workshops around the world and thrives on bringing insight and transformation to people as they understand who they are and how they can effectively communicate. Nicole brings insight and inspiration in every Life Languages™ course she leads.
Luke Ashcroft is a high influencer with a passion and track record for transforming people’s lives. Having led hundreds of presentations and talks, Luke excels at communicating and building rapport with audiences. Luke is a holistic lifestyle coach and personal trainer for executives, celebrities, leaders, and people that are ready to make a change. Luke also leads corporate wellness sessions and has excelled as a keynote speaker and emcee for 20 years and he is the founder of 21-Day Weight Loss. Luke brings a refreshing enthusiasm to health, fitness and team unity. You will be motivated to reach your full potential in every course he leads!
Nathan Martin has always had a passion for motivation, particularly motivating others. Through Personal Training, Nathan has helped 100s of people achieve physical and emotional success, both everyday people to top celebrities. In addition to speaking and training Nathan also runs Tennis Fitness where he and his wife Giselle have developed their reputations as 2 of the best tennis fitness trainers in the world (having worked with 5 number 1 players including Lleyton Hewitt, Martina Navratilova and Arantxa Sánchez Vicario). Nathan’s passion for performance, life and wellbeing flow through his speaking and training style.
Gatik Chaujer is a passionate trainer, coach, TEDx Speaker, keynote speaker and co-founder of TransforMe. He has won multiple awards and he is a skilled story teller. Gatik also has 20 years of consulting, coaching and training experience. Gatik brings to the table business insights and a deep understanding of Global Organisational Development practices. His expertise comes from his deep exposure to both; being a leader in large organizations & having spent substantial time as an external leadership facilitator and coach. With more than 25,000 hours of facilitation & 1000 hours of coaching experience, Gatik brings clarity and transformation in every course he leads.
Sandra Colhando is a PCC (International Coach Federation) with a mission to enable clients to facilitate transitions, deal with professional challenges & accelerate personal effectiveness. Sandra has over 5,000 hours of professional coaching and facilitation experience. Driven by her mission to transform lives, she has spoken on TEDx a few times and she was awarded as the “Most Talented Coaching Leader” by the World HRD Congress in 2017 as a co-founder of TransforMe. Sandra ignites leaders and teams to perform at their best in every course she leads.

In addition to our core team, we have a strategic partnership with Gatik Chaujer and Sandra Colhando from TransforMe who are the primary facilitators of some of the listed courses. We also partner with other specialised trainers and coaches who lead events and workshops with us as needed. We don’t offer every type of corporate training course but we are great at delivering the courses that we do offer. We are also growing our team to include more offerings as needed.

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