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scott-and-greg-speaking-300x185You and your team will find out trainers and coaches creative, inspiring, motivating, warm, friendly and challenging as speakers or workshop / Retreat leaders. Each topic can be covered in ranges from 10 minutes to 1 hour. If your team requests a workshop on these or other topics, one can be arranged. Additionally, we can write a speaking program or workshop that is customized to the topic(s) of your choosing. If needed, we can also set up a teleconference workshop online for your group.

As Sydney Motivational Speakers, our workshops, corporate training, leadership training and retreats are done in the city of Sydney and throughout Australia. However, we can be hired to speak at your event or business anywhere in Australia and Internationally.

Scott Epp

Scott-EppFounder / Corporate Trainer / Motivational Speaker / Executive Coach / Heartstyles and Life Languages Trainer
Canadian born Scott Epp is passionate about helping people breakthrough their BIGGEST challenges so that they can live their life purpose with passion and abundance! He has been coached by some of the world’s most successful Performance Coaches including Andrea J Lee and Ted McGrath and now he has helped thousands of people on stage, in groups and one-on-one to breakthrough and achieve success in life. Scott is a Sydney, Australia based Life, Business and Executive Coach who coaches his clients locally and in countries around the world. Scott is also a Corporate Trainer, Team Leader and Facilitator, helping leaders, executives and teams with their mindset, beliefs, goals, actions, productivity and performance. Scott is known for his 7 Powerful Keys to Create Your Abundance Mindset Talks as well as being a runner up for for his speech at the highest level of International Toastmasters. Scott will be sharing Strategies that will empower you to live to your full potential, be your authentic amazing self and get the results you need the most in your life. Scott’s style of speaking flows through motivation, inspiration and high impact teaching styles. Be prepared to breakthrough your biggest challenges!

Greg Beech

Greg-BeechCorporate Trainer / Executive Coach / Speaker / 
Life Languages Trainer 
Greg is a Life Coach, Consultant and Leadership Trainer – inspiring others to change the world and be their best. Greg empowers people to communicate effectively, be efficient and productive and to perform at their best. Greg travels extensively to third world countries as a motivational speaker and trainer. Having witnessed poverty first hand, Greg was moved to do all he could to make a difference in people’s lives. Greg speaks to groups ranging from 10 – 20,000 people, he has given thousands of presentations internationally, leading workshops, seminars, business presentations, and spoken on a wide range of subjects related to breakthrough and transformation. Greg is passionate about helping people breakthrough in all areas of their life and his life experience and determination have positioned him to be a catalyst for change in thousands of people’s lives around the world. Greg speaks with wisdom and authority as a motivational and inspiring teacher.

Luke Ashcroft

Corporate Trainer / Executive Coach / Speaker
Life Languages Trainer / Personal Trainer for Leaders and Teams

Sydney born Luke Ashcroft is a high influencer with a passion and track record of transforming people’s lives. Having led hundreds of presentations and talks, Luke excels at communication and building rapport with audiences. Luke works as a coach and personal trainer for executives, top celebrities, leaders and people that are ready to get a change. Luke is the founder of the 21-Day Weight Loss Program where he transforms thinking, moving and eating over 21 days. He also leads personal training groups and corporate wellness programs in Sydney. Be inspired and get ready to learn how you can reach your full potential!

Nathan Martin

Corporate Trainer / Executive Coach / Speaker
Holistic Wellbeing Coach / Personal Trainer
Sydney born Nathan Martin has always had a passion for motivation, particularly motivating others. Nathan has been a fitness trainer for over 20 years. He has helped 100s of people achieve physical and emotional success, both everyday people to top celebrities. In addition to speaking and training Nathan also runs Tennis Fitness where he and his wife Giselle have developed their reputations as 2 of the best tennis fitness trainers in the world (having worked with 5 number 1 players including Lleyton Hewitt and Martina Navratilova and Arantxa Sánchez Vicario). Nathan’s passion for performance, life and wellbeing flow through his speaking style. Get ready to learn how you can perform at your best, breakthrough fear and achieve success!

Mark Costa

Corporate Trainer / Executive Coach / Speaker
Heartstyles and Life Languages Trainer
markMark is a consultant and facilitator specialising in personal insight and team development. He has worked as an educator, trainer and coach for the past 15 years and has delivered programs in educational, corporate, community and retreat settings. Mark is passionate about character and culture development and has a proven reputation of delivering programs that are powerful, penetrating and transformative. Mark has acquired high quality personal development skills and his programs and coaching are thoughtful and based on sound practices and common, clear and elegant wisdom. He is a quiet conspirator on the road to a better world, having the determination to grow people and teams one heart at a time. He is an excellent choice for the client who likewise has a heart to develop their staff or team. Mark is available for day or week long programs and ongoing executive coaching. Be prepared to be challenged, renewed and rewarded by his approach.

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