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Workplace Coaching for Leaders and Employees

Length: Varies depending on your needs. We typically invoice for each Coach per day and can often have up to 8 – 10 One-on-one Connections that are 30 – 45 minutes long each.
Participants: One-on-one coaching or small group coaching on-site or on-line via
Location: Nationwide – at your location (dependant on health guidelines/recomendations) or on-line via
Participants Materials: We have a vast array of coaching tools, accountability tools and programs
Prerequisite: Establish the unique outcomes you want with your Breakthrough Corporate Training trainer.
Main Benefits:
  • Empower your Team Members
  • Return on Investment that will show you dividends within weeks
  • Positively shift your workplace Culture
  • Provide support and accountability
  • Accelerate Results with communication effectiveness
  • Inspire and draw the best out of each of your employees
  • Foster innovation, creativity
  • Coach people to new levels with Life Languages™, Goals, Mental Health and more
  • Retain the good team members by sowing into their personal development
  • A catalyst toward your performing and productive team

Organisational Coaching for your Executives, Leaders and Employees

We talk to a lot of business owners, managers and executives and you wont be surprised what they tell us. Some of the biggest loss to a company is employee productivity loss. Over the past several decades, employees have drastically cut down on the amount of effort they bring in to the workplace – many of them spending less than 60% of their day working!

We do business coaching in Sydney Australia, Melbourne, Perth and will do coaching over the phone anywhere in Canada, United States, within North America, Australia, Asia, Europe, Africa, South Africa and pretty much the globe. So far have clients on every continent of the world except Antarctica. 🙂 

As Trained Professional Coaches Greg Beech and Scott Epp have over 10,000 hours each in coaching and mentoring one-on-one. Our other coaches have specialised experience in health, fitness, wellbeing, mindset, behaviour, organisational change and much more. One executive client, Will Tran – an Actuary from Score says “Business Coaching has Accelerated my results and growth.”

This is true and I can attest to his accelerated results in his profession but also he is a more balanced, happy, growth-centered man. He has more abundance wholistically. Numerous studies have shown the benefits that coaching has on ROI. That is why at Breakthrough Corporate Training we offer workplace/executive coaching. We work directly with executives, management and middle management, and your employees. Our focus is to co-create the right Coaching Success Plan that will get you and your team accelerated results. Breakthrough Corporate Training our Corporate Arm under our Abundance Coaching Pty Ltd Business. Scott Epp and Greg Beech are both Professional Coaches with prestigious Certifications from The International Coach Academy (Scott) and Life Forming Leadership Coaching (Greg).  One of the  

Benefits of Business and Life Coaching for your executives, managers, and leaders

  • We know how to draw out the best in you. Your leaders will become better, more equipped leaders.
  • We take responsibility for output and behaviors.
  • We reinforce the culture changes (which are co-created with the organisation’s management team) to benefit all facets of their lives.
  • Give them the skills necessary to use what they have learned in the workplace and beyond.
  • We will stretch your leaders to leave their comfort zone and to understand their leadership style, life languages, and how to communicate effectively with their team
  • We will utilise Life Languages™ Communication Profile and 360 results, to be aware of potential derailers and understand more about their own leadership and communication style. 

Business coaching gives employees the skills, focus, knowledge and drive that they need to be not only productive employees, but motivated, friendly, and thoughtful employees as well. The skills they will learn from my values and principles program will help each individual employee receive significant changes in the way they live their lives. Businesses just like yours have found that my values and life coaching services have given them an astounding return on investment and employees that have focused their lives on achieving their visions and dreams.

Our Coaching with your team Improves Communication in the Workplace

In addition to values and principles coaching, we also teach employees Life Languages™©. Life Languages™© skill learning involves a program that helps each individual understand their own Life Language© Communication Styles. We teach you how to assess, react, and respond to the Life Languages™© of others and how to bridge the gaps in Communication. We will match them with their scores, ranges, and intensities to learn who they are and what they need to do to improve their communication and relationships. The result is a far more harmonious workplace that recognizes each individual’s needs and gives them the skills necessary to experience greater levels of unity. But that’s not all. Life Languages™© have been shown to improve the health of client relationships because your employees will be better communicators with everyone you work with. They will also experience greater levels of overall wellness that will reduce compensation claims and improve morale in the workplace. Our Heartstyles Culture Development Training has a follow-up workplace coaching component where we come into your workplace and coach your employees each week on where their Love, Humility, Fear, and Pride Levels are. Every Month we coach individuals on their Personal Effectiveness Rating, Development Opportunities, and Future Goals. 

Benefits of Business and Life Coaching for your Employees

This type of business and life coaching has shown considerable benefits all over the world. Companies across the country have seen their toxic work environment turn into one with:

  • Higher morale between all employees.
  • Healthier and more productive levels of communication.
  • Vastly improved productivity in the workplace.
  • Less turnover and greater levels of commitment.
  • Bridge the Gaps in Communication 
  • Maximize productivity and effectiveness
  • Stronger levels of focus and clarity at work.
  • Development as leaders including specific leadership issues (including preparation for performance conversations, understanding your life languages, cultural differences, and devising strategies to be flexible in different cultures).
  • Stress reduction both at work and at home.
  • Greater revenue streams for the company.
  • Better direction and an improved response to your leadership.

Do you want accelerated growth with your workplace culture and wellbeing? Let’s have a chat or if you live in Sydney we could meet you at your location or we could grab a coffee somewhere near you. 

Watch what some of our Executive Clients are saying about the Benefit of their Executive Coaching 

 Transform your Team! We will take your great and make it greatness! 

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