A great speech can inspire, educate, motivate and move people. We remember speeches from our past and current prime ministers, presidents, and leaders. We are influenced by speeches from famous movies and inspired by the speeches that united the underdogs to win the big game or fight.

Gatik Chaujer has invigorated audiences around the world especially with his Story Telling talks and he has presented on the TEDx stage.Gatik Chaujer is a passionate trainer, coach, TEDx Speaker, keynote speaker and co-founder of TransforMe. He has won multiple awards and he is a skilled story teller. Gatik also has 20 years of consulting, coaching and training experience.

Gatik brings to the table business insights and a deep understanding of Global Organisational Development practices. His expertise comes from his deep exposure to both. Being a leader in large organizations & having spent substantial time as an external leadership facilitator and coach. With more than 25,000 hours of facilitation & 1000 hours of coaching experience, Gatik brings clarity and transformation in every course he leads. Inspirational/Keynote talks can be between 15 minutes to 2 hours long.

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Here are some of Gatik Chaujer’s popular inspirational/keynote talks:

1. Story Telling for Leaders

2. Influencing Without Authority

3. Critical Conversations

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