Our Story and Team

Scott Epp had an established coaching and training business in Canada and Greg Beech had been leading teams internationally for decades when they first met. Scott and his family moved to Australia in 2013 to be closer to his wife Nicole’s family. In 2014 Scott and Greg had their first meetings over several cups of coffee and a white board and what emerged was their first public workshop – The Breakthrough in Life Workshop which they led in Randwick New South Wales. The synergy of bouncing back and forth with sessions was so dynamic and transformative that Scott and Greg decided to launch Breakthrough Corporate Training (BCT) and a week later they had their first training with Sita Aerospace. Since then, Scott and Greg have excelled at instructional design and delivery of training programs for thousands of leaders and team members. Scott and Greg have had requests from clients to tailor training programs that meet their specific needs, and this has helped them to hone the catalogue of courses and programs that BCT offers today. Scott and Greg continue to lead the BCT Trainers, and Coaches and they live the company’s core purpose of empowering leaders and teams to breakthrough and achieve their potential!

Canadian born Scott Epp is passionate about helping people live with passion and abundance! Scott has led over 100 keynote speeches and workshops and won numerous speaking competitions Internationally. Scott is a co-founder of Breakthrough Corporate Trai