“Scott led keynote talks in 10 cities around Australia to our Insurance brokers and teams and we are really happy with how he presented. He is an inspiring speaker and an effective communicator. He demonstrated his communication and engagement skills as he delivered his talks on authentically building rapport and trust…”
Glenn Schultz – General Manager at Austbrokers IBNA Member Services Pty Ltd

“The Coaching Training by Greg and Scott was excellent, very inspiring and practical. The feedback from the whole team was overwhelmingly positive. We really loved the way the coaching was delivered, the live coaching examples by Scott and Greg, the tools and their whole Keys to Effective

Valencia Taljaard – Senior Specialist Rehabilitation Clinician at NSW Health

“People were very open with Scott and the workshop. There was a lot of trust and people were prepared to share a lot about themselves and the issues that they are going through. The workshop and the tools provided helped our people gain the tools that they need to become happier and more productive…”

Scott Hawkins – Director, Aboriginal Services at Legal Aid NSW

Scott and Rob were very personable and approachable and the experiential activities along with the training allowed me to feel supported as I explored love, humility, fear, pride and more. So, get Scott, Rob and the Breakthrough Corporate Training team to lead this programme as it will encourage you and your team into greater depths and more meaningful inter-relational connections…”

Lyndelle Taylor – Governance Coordinator at Transform Aid International

“Thank you Scott for your fantastic presentation at the Scotiabank Managers Conference. You made us laugh and you inspired us to get unstuck in life. Your values exercise was a great success and everyone had insights into what mattered the most to them. Your line ‘I am amazing!’ has caught on and everyone in the office is using it.”

Joanne Fisher – Scotiabank Small Business Development Manager

“Scott has led multiple workshops on values, building healthy cohesive teams and Life Languages that have really impacted our business. The Life Languages program has been invaluable. My experience with Scott Epp has been empowering and transformational. It has been a positive investment, and we are continuing to integrate Scott and the Life Languages tool into our training and development…”

Kevin Bergeron – President & CEO at MiEnergy

“Scott and Greg presented a well-planned and organised team workshop that incorporated Team Building & Leadership. It was engaging, motivating & hands on. Highly recommended! Very happy with the training you created for us. It had paid off wonderfully with amazing feedback from our employees. Your effort & flexibility is greatly appreciated.”

Hina Kapoor – Human Resource Manager at CDS Australia

“We had Scott and Nicole lead our church leadership team with Life Languages and it was so good for our team culture. Things have shifted even a few hours after the training where team members are really beginning to understand themselves and how they communicate. This is the best investment that we have made with our team since planting our church. It’s so good for team unity…”

Lynley Allan – Lead Pastor at Catch the Fire Church Auckland

We had a ‘Life Languages’ workshop with Scott from Breakthrough Corporate Training. It was so empowering for myself and our team to explore different communication styles and how we can better ourselves with our clients and families we work with. One thing that stood out for me is, why should we be ‘good’ with our communication when we can be absolutely ‘GREAT’ with our communication?! I highly recommend Scott – he is full of positive energy and so motivating!”

Funda Yolal – Director, Principal Psychologist at Tiny Terrors

‘I recently had the privilege of attending The Ultimate Year 2019 workshop in Sydney. I feel this is what I needed to kick start a purposeful & meaningful year. The tools taught, the stories heard and the facilitation of Scott, Nicole and Luke really gave impetuous to my 2019 journey! A must attend and repeat workshop!’

Sandra Colhando, PCC – TEDx Speaker, Executive Coach, Leadership Trainer 

Breakthrough Training lives up to its name. Scott and Nicole work with you on what you need with heart , dignity , expertise and clarity. If you want to walk away from scarcity mindset into abundance and positive thinking this is perfect for you and your organisation. People are brought into your life for a reason and I’m certainly grateful to have Scott/Nicole in mine!

Chris Karén Zakaryan – Investment Analyst at Uniting Financial Services

’Everything that we did together was so accurate and right away as Scott and Nicole described the different Life Languages I was able to identify how the Life Languages showed up in my life. I really liked how I wasn’t boxed in with the Life Languages… I want to thank Scott and Nicole for facilitating for us because it’s an awesome dynamic having you both do it and you both have such a high level of mastery and understanding of it that when you share it and communicate it you are able to make it so relatable. They each were able to share in their own experience and that made a big difference for us.’

Stefan James – Internet Entrepreneur and Founder of Project Life Mastery

‘As soon as Scott and Nicole brought out the charts and video I could see how much work they haveput into Life Languages and their teaching. I found the results were almost 100% accurate in every single way for me. It was beneficial to know that I have all these different languages but some are more dominate than others and to notice which Life Languages I should bring up during a necessary time. Learning about this gives you a lot of clarity on who you are, how you react and how you respond. Life Languages can be quite personal and Scott and Nicole are so amazing as we felt so comfortable going through the Life Languages with them.’

Tatiana James – Internet Entrepreneur and Founder of Luxx Health

‘Learning about Life Languages has been fantastic because you get a feeling for who you are, who your partner and other people are get to know how to relate to them. This training and approach is a terrific way to learn how other people relate to you, how you stand in the world and it gives you confidence in who you are. This workshop by Scott and Nicole Epp has been extremely rewarding as it’s shown me the Life Languages that I can improve in and build up. This workshop is a terrific experience and I recommend it highly.’

Bill Ashcroft – Professor at University of New South Wales

‘This training was excellent! Every ‘module’ carried amazing insights, was practical, helpful and made an immediate change to the way we do business. Scott and Nicole are sooooo incredibly good at coaching and training. We have enjoyed and appreciated every one-on-one session and the full day seminars. The content is straightforward, easy to implement, engaging and entertaining. It is absolutely worth the time and cost and we will be continuing to use Scott and Nicole for our business coaching, they are exceptional, passionate, ‘believable’ and truly shine like bright lights to help us navigate our business direction.’

Jason Blaiklock – CEO at Australian Opal Cutters

‘Shokai Group had the Life Language Communication Workshop today delivered by Scott & Nicole. It was fantastic. They are very friendly, passionate, professional, patient and they made the training very interesting. Everyone liked it and I believe we got to know more about ourselves and our communication effectiveness. Before the training, I was the one who contacted Scott. He is really helpful and always responded quickly & clearly. We are looking forward to having another training by them. Many thanks to Scott & Nicole. :)’

Cynthia Xiang – Office Administrator at Shokai Group

‘The Life Purpose and Abundance Retreat has been a really good for me and my team. It’s been a time of reflection and it’s been wonderful to have some time to ponder some questions and look with a whole attitude about abundance with all the possibilities out there. I have made some really important discoveries in the last few days. I’ve made some really important discoveries in the last 2 days and I have a plan moving forward and I’m really excited some of the options that became apparent to me this weekend.’

Suellen Beatty – CEO at Sherbrooke Community Society Inc.

’I really like the Life Languages for what it does to give a new perspective on what it’s like to communicate with others especially in the workplace and with friends. It helps me appreciate what Life Languages they are strong in even though I’m not as strong in them. It really helps me get subjective outcomes in my communication. What I like about Scott and Nicole leading this workshop is that they can take something that’s subjectively driven and then help you synthesize that so that you can actually use it for objective purposes. I know I am also emotionally driven and it helps me appreciate that side of me and as well.’

Chi Loong Ho -Institutional Sales and Integration Manager at Global Prime

‘I’ve done a lot personality tests mainly through business. I have to say, the Life Languages is first profile that I’ve done that super resonated. The workshop has a nice pace and Scott and Nicole speak out of their heart and they speak out of what their strengths are which is great – so you get a real depth. Communication is everything. We are here to connect and communicate and this is an essential tool that you just have go through. I highly recommend Scott and Nicole and their Life Languages Communication Breakthrough Workshop.’

Jason Happy – National Facilities Manager at Kiwi Property Group Limited

‘I had a wonderful and inspiring time at the Ultimate Year Workshop 2019 and am feeling very excited about what I can achieve in the year ahead. Whilst setting goals is easy, keep them on track is not so much. The workshop and materials has helped me put a structure and plan in place that makes me confident of staying on top and having a great year. Scott, Nicole and Luke are great speakers and impart much insight, whilst there were many uplifting stories from fellow attendees. The vision board exercise was a particular highlight if you love being creative!’

Harsh Sinha – Tax Manager at Ausgrid

‘Scott and Nicole both know Life Languages and their teaching almost intuitively and I appreciated the depth of knowledge that they had with their material. They present the material so well and they give such great examples and stories throughout their training. It was really surprising to me at how accurate my profile ended up and I would really recommend this course with Scott and Nicole to anyone that wants to know themselves more deeply, their colleagues and work and their personal lives.’

Jim Sockler – Manager, Programming & Statistics at Datapharm Australia

‘We have done an awesome Life Languages Course with Scott and Nicole with our whole Leadership Team. It’s been really great to give us all a common context and language in terms of our preferences in terms of how we’re speaking to each other, how we’re communicating and how we’re engaging. People are buzzing about it. People are talking about the new insight that it has given them to each other and given them into the team and a new language that it’s given them to talk and communicate together. I recommend this workshop and Scott and Nicole.’

Matt Trent – Manager, Social Responsibility at Fonterra

‘I’m finding this workshop with Scott and Nicole really useful. I love the way that it helps me to really understand the way that I think and feel. I’m also finding it really beneficial to learn why there are sometimes difficulties in communication with people in my work and in my family. Scott and Nicole have a very fresh and dynamic approach with their presentation and they use a lot of humour which is refreshing and I really recommend this workshop to anyone who is interested in finding out how they can really maximize how they can communicate through their character and develop parts of their character that perhaps needs developing. I thoroughly recommend them to you.’

Jaqi Coan – Teacher at University of New South Wales

‘We’ve just finished up doing a Life Languages Seminar with Scott and Nicole. It’s been fantastic and it’s so great to give the team a common language and a framework to work together, talk together and understand each other. The team just loved it, everyone is buzzing and saying ‘this is so worthwhile and it’s the best course like this that we’ve ever done.’ It’s been really good feedback. I recommend these guys to you. They’re awesome!’

Stuart Allan – Senior Project Manager at RCP and Lead Pastor at Catch the Fire Auckland

‘I have done 2 courses with Scott and Nicole and I’ve always found them extremely well thought out and extremely well presented and the course workbooks that they provide are very professional looking. What I’ve gotten out of the Life Languages Communication Breakthrough Workshop is such a better understanding around myself, the people in my life, the people I work with, my family and friends and this is going to give me a greater ability to connect with them going forward.’

Tracy Good – Executive Officer at University of New South Wales

‘I just spend 2 days with Scott and Nicole at the Life Languages course and it was Epic. It was so beneficial to me personally. It gave me a lot of understanding about myself. It was also really great for our team environment to be able to understand each other and work together really well. We were able to understand each team member’s communication strengths and where some people had weaknesses we learnt how we can fill in the gabs. All in all I thoroughly recommend this course…’

Andrea Cocker – Director and Creative Designer

‘Scott is a dynamic speaker and he captivates his audiences with his story telling and passion. I really enjoyed his Awaken the Wild Lion Within speech and his whole Life Purpose and Abundance Retreat. Scott has helped me to see in me what I couldn’t see before and now that I see it, it’s not anything that I’ll take my eye off again and I have Scott to thank for that.’

Kelly Goyer – Director, Trainer and Coach

‘My biggest insight at the Life Purpose and Abundance Retreat is to give myself the time to check in with myself and take the opportunity and give myself the time to check in with myself, why I’m here, what’s important to me and what my core values are.’

Cameron Apperley – Business Owner at Apperley Electric

‘Scott and Greg are transformational leaders. I have attended many conferences with both Scott and Greg. Their passion is to see people ignited in their dreams and equipped with real life tools to walk it out. I thoroughly recommend both of them as people and also their programmes.’

Justin Pagotto

‘Scott Epp and Greg Beech coaching and leadership combine genuine insights, practical advice, and compelling examples as they superbly demonstrate ‘Leading With Vision’. I highly recommended them as inspired mentors/guides for leaders seeking to inspire their organisations with a genuine, authentic vision and potential.’

Rob Walker – Director at Eastgate Enterprises

‘Greg has blessed me immensely and Scott has been such an encouragement. I have taken many of Scott, Nicole, Luke and Greg’s courses and this has been another rewarding experience. They always bring a high level of knowledge, wisdom and insight and they’re approach is engaging and dynamic with how they use media, tell stories and lead us through the sessions. Today has been another one of those experiences where you feel inspired to think about where you’re at and where you want to be…’

Bruce Hanke – Senior Teach at UNSW Global

‘It’s been a great experience at the Ultimate Year Workshop. Scott and Nicole have brought so much energy and excitement. They are real, down to earth and authentic in their presentation and I really appreciate the stories that they share. They have some great tools and I am set to have the greatest year of my life.’

GatikChaujer – TEDx Speaker, Global Storyteller Leader and Leadership Trainer

‘It’s the second time I have done the Life Languages seminar and what surprised me was that it was just as interesting as the first time round! Scott and Nicole know how to keep the presentation varied and engaging. Everything is well thought through, from the content itself and how to present it, down to the practical structures like when to put a break on and for how long. At the same time my understanding of the life languages has deepened and I am looking forward to the follow-up seminar with continuing insights as how to apply them. I highly recommend taking out time to do this course.’

Edith Hanke

It was an exceptional Life Plan Intensive Day and I want to thank Scott and Greg for all they have done. They are the best in Australia! I recommend it to anyone I really liked the priorities and core values sessions – that’s new to me and it’s been so helpful to understand more about myself as well. This workshop was amazing.’

Shehan Jayawardena

‘I attended Nicole and Scott’s Life Language Communication workshop and I recommend it highly to everyone. It helped me a lot understand myself and how I communicate both unconsciously and consciously. I am looking forward to seeing how i will use this to become more efficient and better communicator on all levels. Thank you so much guys!’

Matt Lohier

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