Breakthrough Corporate Training is a proud ambassador of Homes of Hope International. Scott Epp and Greg Beech have a passion to give back to those in need. Greg is the founder of this life changing Australian based organisation. Through generous people and our charity fundraiser events we are blessed to share that we have over 1.5 million donated and over 150 orphans, widows and victims of human trafficking supported in our 10 international projects.

Partner with us and help impoverished orphaned children who are without hope, by providing them with a home, food, education, and all they need to break the cycle of poverty. We regularily give to Homes of Hope in our time, treasure and talents. Learn more and sponsor a child by going to

Check out this video where Scott interviews Greg as he shares some stories as well as the heart behind this amazing cause. 

Thank you so much for your heart and for your compassion and love. We will be planning another day very soon. In the meantime please watch our below video and sponsor a child that is at risk by going to: