Corporate Training, Leadership Training and Workshops in SydneyThe price for delivering a training course for your workplace depends on many factors. Our aim is to give you the best value we can often customize our corporate training, workshops, coaching and speaking offers specifically for you. Some of our training offerings such as our Conflict Management and Leadership Development have a lot of bolt-on programs that we can attach. When we are asked to do team building for organizations we will qualify a few things with you before we build our offer. We have hundreds of potential team building, communication, soft skills training, coach training that we can utilize but we are the most effective for you when we find out how we can serve you before we build a program for you.

We are flexible to hone our Training and Workshops to best meet your needs. We have built our Instant Quote page with a variety of factors that we consider when we customize our offerings for you. We appreciate that your organization has a unique nature and that our training, coaching, and talks may need to be customized to cater to you. As Australia’s Head Office for Life Languages™ you may want us to include Life Languages™ Profile for every team member. We consider the number of participants in our quote and we always include workbooks and printing costs in our quotes. We are available to train and speak worldwide.

You can be assured that when you engage with us as your trainers, speakers, and coaches we will deliver an innovative service that will get you results. Each of our trainers is proficient at training and coaching and we will give you an incredible return on your investment. We work with small and large groups. 

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