Egg Drop Session - Team Building
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One of our favourite team activities is the The Egg Drop Team Building Experience©. Initially, there will be a learning approach where all participants will grow with leadership and project management strategies and communication styles that your leaders outline. We will split the Team up into groups of 3 – 5 and each group will have specific instructions. Then the experience begins!


At this point each group will receive a box of goodies and instructions to build a contraption that protects an egg for a 1 – 3 story drop. A shorter location with a ladder is possible and we would accommodate for the situation to make it fair, fun and competitive. Follow the criteria that we put forward. Each group will have a box of dozens of articles and a timeline to work together and create the ultimate egg saving device. There are also elements of being resourceful as each team has a set amount of ‘Breakthrough Bucks’ that they can spend on additional articles. There will be a group presentation before and after their egg drop. The highlight of the day is watching and laughing together as each group drops its egg from a tall location on-site. The laughs and team’s morale from this team building activity are excellent. At the end each team will get to present its Egg saving contraptions and it will discover which eggs have survived. The Winning team will be revealed based on their teamwork, meeting physical requirements, the egg’s survival after the drop and profit margin. Watch a case study:

The Egg Drop Team Building Challenge

This Breakthrough Corporate Training proprietary course will include the following outcomes for your team:

• Focusing on the importance of teamwork and what is needed to make a team better.
• Learning how to work together effectively and appreciate each other’s strengths, values and weaknesses.
• Working creatively on a fun and engaging project with colleagues.
• Working together as a team as you race against time and your competitors to win the challenge.
• Building a performing team with good communication (both verbal and non-verbal), leadership, bonding, fun, trust, and more.

This Team Building activity is filled with so much laughter and fun. This unique Team Building experience highlights aspects of teamwork, bonding, performance and leadership that your teams need to succeed. It breaks down the silos that may exist within your teams because each team will be a mixture of different departments and the strengths of each member will be highlighted.

Training Options

We will lead this workshop as a solo event. You may also inquire about our dozens of other experiential team-building activities such as firewalking, board-breaking, team trust activities, and more. This challenge can be led in conjunction with one of our other training options.


90 Min – 1/2 Day: : It is possible to run this experience in 90 minutes. In 1/2 day we would have time to incorporate other team building, leadership, motivation,
communication elements with the experience.
1 Day: The complete Egg Drop Team Building Experience© will last for 1/2 day with one of our other courses taught for the other 1/2 day.

Find out what your investment will be in one minute or less.