Building an Effective, Healthy and Cohesive Team!

Training Overview

Length: Half-Day, One-Day (Up to 3 Days)
Participants: 5-100
Location: Sydney, Australia wide, International upon request – at your location, at your convenience
Participants Materials: We supply all workbooks for your training. If it’s part of your desired customisation we could provide Life Languages™ Profiles for each participant and more. 
Prerequisite: Establish the unique outcomes you want with your Breakthrough Corporate trainer
Topics can Include:
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  • Building a Healthy Cohesive Team
  • The Advantage – Building and Leading a High-Performance Team – with credits from Patrick Lencioni
  • Awaken The Wild Lion Within – Have the Confidence to Achieve Anything by Taking Back Your Roarr!
  • The 5 Dysfunctions of a Team 
  • The Psychology of a highly effective Leader
  • The Psychology of a highly effective Salesperson
  • Personal and Organisational Values and Core Purpose
  • Fun Team Building Games
  • Breakthrough with Stories, Beliefs and Values
  • The 7 Powerful Keys to Create Your Abundance Mindset

Team Health is Crucial for any Organisation Seeking Growth! 

Businesses often develop expertise in normal business skills but ignore team health.  There are many reasons why this happens.  Some leaders create a false dichotomy between business acumen and team health.  There are some big costs for businesses if team health is ignored.  Our Healthy and Cohesive Team Training will transform your team. Get the advantage with your team and breakthrough to new levels with your organisational health. Here are some team effectiveness training highlights:

Personal and Team Effectiveness 

How can you keep your employees motivated, productive and engaged with the mission and goals of your business?  Motivation plays a key role in keeping your best employees, and inspires everyone to be more productive.  At Breakthrough Corporate Training (BCT) we believe that motivating employees and teams is a key leadership skill and great leaders are excellent motivators.

The speed of change and constant barrage of information, emails, messages, and social media exchanges leaves many employees overwhelmed, distracted, and unproductive.  In recent times we have also seen the development of numerous apps with to do lists, reminders, goal and task tracking, all being developed to address the challenge of keeping on track and productive.

At BCT we believe every business can benefit from Productivity training that refreshes employees in what is important, and keeps them on track to achieve their goals. Our Training Approach includes Engaging and Interactive Activities that suit your team’s needs. 

Firstly, we design productivity training content tailored to your special business needs.  We deliver the training using a range of methods including presentations, multi-media, discussions and brainstorming.

Secondly, we help you develop effective tracks for maintaining and growing productivity of your team. In this phase employees or team members take the principles and skills given in the training and apply these skills to their various roles.  As much as 60% of learning takes place in this phase.  A third stage is also recommended.

Thirdly, we assist our clients in establishing a coaching and mentoring system for their employees.  As team members apply what they have learned it is important that they are mentored and coached so they develop to their potential.  This can bring massive results.

Our Personal and Team Effectiveness Training 

Corporate training can be a fairly random hit and miss process with little thought given to a logical process of curriculum design.  We recommend using the ADDIE design tool to help clarify and achieve training goals. The ADDIE model involves a process where each step examining a particular aspect of the training project.  ADDIE stands for Analyze, Design, Develop, Implement, and Evaluate, and is a tool that can take the stress out of designing a training curriculum for you and us. We simply set up a time to connect in person or on the phone and we ask you a few questions as we learn what you really looking to achieve with your training. 

Training modules that you can consider for your Personal and Team Effectiveness can include:

  • Unleash your Team and Personal Full Potential 
  • The High Performing and Productive Team
  • Building Effective Work Life Balance
  • The 5 Keys to Winning at Life
  • Effectively Navigate Change
  • Communication tools to keep employees engaged and their morale high.
  • The 7 Powerful Keys to Create Your Abundance Mindset
  • Strategies for setting a great example for employees.
  • Empowering your staff for greater productivity
  • Professional development. How to train staff, add value and skills, and help them develop their potential.
  • Training staff in daily habits and rituals that maximize performance.
  • The BCT business tools to help employees stay on track, set priorities and achieve desired outcomes.
  • BCT hacks for productivity.  Turning great hacks into great habits.
  • The keys to managing time well and avoiding time wasters.
  • The keys to managing time well and avoiding time wasters.
  •  Traits of highly productive people.
  • Building a work place culture in which employees are happy and motivated.
  • Building Breakthrough Morning Rituals
  • Breaking through Fear with Firewalking, Board Breaking and Arrow Breaking 
  • Boosting work productivity simple strategies for great results.

Work Life Balance, Living to Your Full Potential, Breaking Through Stories and More!

Watch a Workshop Session that Scott Epp Gave at a Team Retreat on Finding Balance and Gaining Clarity in Life

Watch a Workshop Session that Greg Beech Led on Breaking Through Your Limiting Stories

There are so many topics that we can teach on with our Personal and Team Effectiveness Workshops. These 2 videos simply show you a sample of 2 of the topics that we can include in your workshop. Often HR Managers ask us to incorporate Sales Strategies, The Psychology of Highly Effective Leaders, The 7 Keys to Create Your Abundance Mindset and more.

Hear what Scott from Legal Aid NSW had to say about our interactive team building workshop

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