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Length Half-Day, One-Day (We are flexible according to your wants.)
Participants: 5-100
Location: Sydney, Australia wide, International upon request – at your location, at your convenience
Participants Materials: We supply all workbooks for your training
Prerequisite: Establish the unique outcomes you want with your Breakthrough Corporate trainer
Add on Topics:
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  • Discovering who you are and your leadership style. (We use The Kendall LIFE Languages Profile to give you deep insights and help you connect with others.)
  • Delegation
  • The 10 commitments of the breakthrough leader
  • Servant leadership – old idea, new applications
  • The Principle Driven Leader
  • Building integrity
  • Nurturing people – Creating Healthy Leaders
  • The leader’s most valuable resource – trust.
  • Beyond Pareto
  • Team Leadership
  • Effective decision making
  • Living with Values – The Value- Directed Leader
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Breakthrough Corporate Training (BCT) Leadership Training philosophy.

Firstly, we design leadership training content tailored to your specific business needs.  We deliver the training
using a range of methods including presentations, multi-media, discussions and brainstorming.  However, we believe this is only a small part of leadership development. 

Secondly, we help you develop effective tracks for “on the job training” of leaders. In this phase, leaders take the principles and skills given in the training and apply these skills to their various roles.  As much as 60% of learning takes place in this phase.  This is still inadequate without the third component of effective leadership development.

Thirdly, we assist our clients in establishing a coaching and mentoring system for their leaders in training.  As leaders apply the material, it is important that they are mentored and coached so they develop to their potential.  In this respect, it is true to say that leadership is more caught than taught. 

Fourthly, the character development and personal growth of a developing leader is crucial if they are to reach their potential.  Leadership training may include personal growth, self-awareness, dealing with negative or unhealthy behaviour, and the development of ethical leadership practices. You can also check out our ‘Principles Training‘ Offering where we integrate Universally Accepted Principles and Character within each member of your team. 

This Breakthrough Corporate Training Leadership module will help you and your leadership team develop skills in self-awareness, leadership style, and effective leadership.  The focus is not on project management, or financial management, but on people management.  Almost everything in business succeeds or fails on the basis of the quality of leadership being shown at every level of an organization.

Understand your Team’s Leadership Styles and Communication Styles

Using the Kendall LIFE Languages Profile Assessment, along with a written self-assessment, guided discussions, and group exercises, participants will gain a deeper understanding of their communication and leadership styles.  Each participant will be able to identify their natural leadership styles and communication styles, and will learn how to work with other leaders with different leadership styles in a complementary way. This training uses guided discussions, research tools, and small group exercises, all aimed at helping your leaders excel and your business prosper.

Breakthrough Corporate Training offers a wide range of modules along with the core essentials. In fact we have over 100 Leadership modules that we could incorporate into your training. In advance of the training, we will discuss with you the specific needs of your business and design a powerful training experience targeting the outcomes you desire. If you want you can fill out our Leadership Survey from Breakthrough Corporate Training to explore what areas you want to target with your upcoming leadership training. 

Leadership Training in Sydney, Anywhere in Australia and Internationally

The continuous development of leaders is a challenge for every business and has never been a more pressing need for businesses aiming to grow and breakthrough.

A Google search on “Leadership Training” will yield over 100 million results, featuring training programmes, research papers, articles, resources, opinions from leadership ‘gurus’, ‘keys to leadership success’, and much more.  It is clear that businesses commit millions of dollars to leadership training but it is also clear that this training often fails to deliver the desired results.

The classic method of leadership training usually involves gathering a group of people in a room. Someone stands at the front and delivers content on what leaders should do, combined with some motivational slogans.  This is usually followed by a case study or discussion that illustrates the content that has been given, then it is back to business.  Very little changes and frustration results.

It is true to say that leaders are more developed than trained.  Training is important and creates a framework of sound leadership principles and practices.  But leadership skills are best developed on the job with the help of experienced mentors and coaches who help the new leader in training apply leadership technology and principles to their particular area of responsibility.

 Breakthrough Corporate Training we believe there are several key components to developing leaders.

Your Leadership Training Design

Leadership training can be a fairly random “hit and miss” process with little thought given to a logical process of curriculum design.  I recommend a prayerful approach using the ADDIE design tool to help clarify and achieve training goals. The ADDIE model involves a five step process with each step examining a particular aspect of the training project.  ADDIE stands for Analyze, Design, Develop, Implement, and Evaluate, and is a tool that can take the stress out of designing a leadership training curriculum. 

We have experienced training leaders in many cultures, and we know what it takes to develop great leaders.  Developing leaders in your business can help you take your business to the next level.We have led teams Internationally from all over Canada, Dubai United Arab Emirates, United States, India, Indonesia, Africa and Australia. 

If you are ready to strengthen and deepen your business and to empower your employees, don’t wait any longer! 

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