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‘There is a new kind of master in the insurance world and that person is you. You are more powerful because you have built your skills with rapport and trust. You win people over because you are warm and authentic. You know how to make a positive first impression and how to effectively communicate. You have mastery in the keys to self-confidence and abundance. You can attract and grow, whether you are a principle, in marketing, sales or any role with AIMS. It has been my honour to get to share insights, stories, strategies and tools that will empower you to grow personally and professionally. These 2 downloadable PDF’s are more in-depth courses on the topics that I shared with your AIMS group. Download and print them out and apply the strategies within. On this page, you will also be able to view the footage from this presentation. Also, feel free to fill in our short feedback survey. Your feedback is valuable in helping the wonderful team that organized this event and myself in learning about how this talk benefited you. May you be empowered to become your authentic amazing best! Feel free to connect with me on LinkedIn‘ – Scott Epp

AIMS – Authentically Building Trust and Rapport – Breakthrough Corporate Training PDF

AIMS – The Keys to Greater Self Confidence and Abundance – Breakthrough Corporate Training PDF

This is a video of Scott’s Presentation on Authentically Building Trust and Rapport at the AIMS Perth Conference on 14 Aug 2017.

Feedback for your Authentically Build Trust and Rapport Talk – with Scott Epp

Feedback for your Authentically Build Trust and Rapport Talk - with Scott Epp

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