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About Scott Epp

Canadian born Scott Epp is an International Corporate Trainer and Transformation Specialist who helps leaders, executives and teams with their mindset, communication, engagement, productivity and performance. He has been coached by some of the world’s most successful Performance Coaches including Andrea J Lee and Ted McGrath and now he has helped 1000s of people on stage, in training, workshops and one-on-one to breakthrough. Scott’s enthusiastic, motivating and relationship building style help him connect with leaders and then draw out their authentic amazing best. Contact Scott and the Breakthrough Corporate Training Team to find out how we could lead a workshop, talk or event by calling 0481 307 778 in Sydney or Click This Link to Send Me a Quick Email:      SEND US A QUICK EMAIL

Discovering and Choose Your Core Values

The most important part of living a regret free life is living one that is governed by your Essential Core Values in Life. Fifty years from now when you look back on your decision making and your accomplishments, you need to be ready to tell yourself that every choice you made was worthwhile. You need [...]

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Reasons Why Criticism is a Good Thing

Some people think that all criticism is just a negative approach to things.  If you learn from criticism you will earn a position with great men, if you reject criticism you will damage your own interest. To say that all criticism is wrong is the same as saying that we cannot bring correction to anything; [...]

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Steps to Follow for Better Motives

“Motive” is defined as the reason behind our action or for the action; this also identifies our goals and purposes in life. Everyone is motivated by the satisfaction of our desires and moved by powerful impulses or passions. Unfortunately, many of those hidden impulses are self-seeking, and they get us to manipulate others for our [...]

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Set Goals For Life to Make it Exciting

Having goals in life can give you an exciting life and future because we are accomplishing things and can see the progress we are making from our decisions and actions. It can also give you an exciting life and future because we are accomplishing things and can see the progress we are making from our [...]

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Benefits of Having a Common Sense

Common sense is sound logic, sensible reasoning or simple equations. The end result is practical wisdom. No family, business or nation can survive without common sense as a part of their planned strategies. Common sense will suggest change or adjustment as you proceed. Some of the benefits that we may get having a common sense [...]

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Co-signing Violates Many Common Sense Principles

This principle may be difficult to understand because we are taught to help those who are in need. It is especially difficult when it is a close friend who is asking for a favor. This principle may be difficult to understand because we are taught to help those who are in need. It is especially [...]

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Smart Ways to Become More Dependable and Organized

Dependability is one of the building blocks of quality relationships; this means that you have the reputation of doing what you say you are going to do. If you are viewed as a dependable person, it is because you are known to be trustworthy and reliable.     There are numerous advantages that we may [...]

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Ways To Make Peace With Failure

It is never a nice feeling to have to deal with failure. Human beings, by nature, expect to give their best and get the best results in return. Herein lies a discrepancy – The world around us is not built like that. It is dynamic. Sometimes a lot happens with not too much of effort, [...]

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You Need to Develop Everyone’s Leadership Skills

To develop means to become gradually fuller, larger or better. It can apply to anything such as people, products or attitudes. Life is a process and we are all involved in developing physically, mentally and spiritually. We are not born developed, but we are all born with the potential to develop. There are some benefits [...]

How to Find the Right Direction in Life

Direction is primarily for those who want to go somewhere. We all get somewhere, some unintentionally and others with a planned strategy. To arrive is not the only goal, but also how we travel this path of life and sustain ourselves once we get there. By having a direction in life, we take positive steps. [...]

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