Have you ever walked into a room just to realize that you’ve forgotten what you came into the room for? It’s frustrating isn’t it? How much more frustrating is it to live your life in the same manner? This is exactly what we are doing when we walk through life without purpose. It’s a scary, desolate, and ultimately dull existence. It brings anxiety, stress, and discontent.

Life of Purpose

On the flip side, living a life of purpose leads to personal growth and a deep satisfaction in all that you do. When you find purpose in life, you find motivation. Because your direction is clear, you are focused and able to assess your situation based on your goals, not on your struggles. In all cases, living a life of purpose means that things are going to get done.

We are All One Coin

The truth is that most of us live somewhere in between these two very different extremes. There are times when we feel like we are living a life of purpose, but also moments where things seem scattered and unclear. This is the trouble. How can you be sure that you are living a life of purpose when it doesn’t always seem that way?

The answer is because you aren’t always living a life of purpose. We often find ourselves doing things that others want us to do or believe is right for us. This is where the personal growth stops and the trouble begins, but this isn’t where things have to end.

Find Purpose in Life and Find Abundant Living

If you want to know how to enjoy life more, all you have to do is find a purpose in life. When you really want something, everything about it is enjoyable, including the journey towards it. As you move towards the things you want, your level of self-satisfaction is increased. You are spurned on by your success and how good it makes you feel to be getting exactly what you want. This is living a life of purpose and the best course of action if you want to learn how to enjoy life and live a life of abundance.

To Start: Know Yourself

You’ve got to know yourself inside and out if you want to understand how to enjoy life and live a life of purpose. How can you expect to please yourself otherwise? This is why our accomplishments don’t always satisfy us like we think they should. It’s because we just accomplished something that we really didn’t want. It certainly isn’t bad to accomplish something, but it is so much more fulfilling to achieve a goal that is centred on what is most important to you.

Getting to know yourself isn’t like getting to know a friend. There are parts of ourselves we don’t like and other perhaps that we ignore. So, how do you strip it all away and get to the core of who you are? One method I’ve developed is called the Core Values Test.

The Core Values Test

Living a life of purpose starts by uncovering what really makes you, well, you. This is exactly what the Core Values Test is designed to do. By probing intelligently and asking you to make specific choices about what really matters, you are able to know yourself intimately. This opens the door to personal growth and finding more purpose in life. After you’ve taken the test you will have a good understanding of what is most important to you. This is a great base to start from, but the Core Values Test won’t help you to live in a way that is congruent with your newfound knowledge. For that you might need a coach.

Life Coaching Can Really Help

So, you’ve taken the first steps towards a deeper self-understanding and a happier tomorrow, but do you want to go all the way or half? If you are serious about having your core values direct your personal growth, then you are probably going to need some help. In a lot of ways, we are our own worst critics and the biggest obstacles to personal growth and a life of abundance. Most of the time, the only way to remove ourselves from this equation is seeking some outside help. This is where life coaching can really help.

Unlike a friend or a family member, a life coach is trained to deal with core values, motivation, encouragement, and support. They are mandated to serving and helping their community to success. It is these qualities that give them the ability to help you.

Live a Life of Purpose

Start Living a Life of Purpose Today!

In closing, I want to reiterate a couple of things. The first is that you cannot expect anyone else to live purposefully for you. Certainly, your team of support is important, but you are ultimately responsible for your future. No one else is going to be able to make the decision or enact a life of abundance, personal growth, and purpose.

This brings me to my second point, which is that change is an action word. It involves things moving around and ending up in a different order than they were. Change is a part of helping you find more purpose in life and learning how to enjoy life to the fullest. Purposeful living requires, not only the motivation to do it, but the actions it takes to get it done.

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Turning a life of frustration into one of abundance is a great achievement. All the life coaches at Abundance Coaching are 100% interested in seeing this change happen in you. It is the reason why coaches coach. They want you to experience the fullness of life every day. The way this happens is by living each day with purpose.

Contact Scott Epp and Abundance Coaching to book your free consultation session today. What have you got to lose?Well nothing, but the apathy and discouragement that comes from not living a life of purpose.

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