I stopped by the local Caltex for petrol this morning. Just before I started filling up a friend waved me over. She was in her car lined up to get air for a low tire. As I asked how she was I could see that she was saddened by more than a low tire.

My heart leapt with care for my friend as we had a chat about some things that she was going through and I was able to give her some comfort I think mostly in just being there and listening. When I went in to pay for petrol, I saw the pre-packaged donuts so I got 2 flavours. How could I resist an early morning donut you’re probably thinking :).

I walked to my friend and said ‘pick one.’ tears welled up along with a great big smile – well 2 great big smiles 😃. My friend exclaimed how nice it was that someone cared. I share this because it refreshed me again with how little it can take to show that you care, and this is becoming more important in our business conversations.

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