Strong teams don’t just build themselves – they require a dedicated effort from everyone involved to work towards common goals. This is especially important for managers and team leaders, who really set the tone for how the team performs overall. If you are sensing a disconnect among your employees, your organization may benefit from some professional team building sessions. As a leader, you can also take advantage of executive training, which can give you strategies for how to build a more cohesive team. Breakthrough Corporate Training offers some of the best team building, executive training, and corporate training services in Australia, and can give your company the boost it needs to keep moving forward.

Studies have shown that engagement and a communicative relationship between employees and their direct managers is one of the biggest factors in determining how successful employees will be. Unfortunately, according to a recent Gallup poll, only 13 percent of employees surveys were actually engaged at their jobs. This is something that can be easily improved by making a conscious effort to create more successful working relationships. After all, engaged employees perform better in virtually every aspect of their jobs, including productivity, knowledge retention, and customer satisfaction.

Executive training Sydney will give you, as a manager, specific activities and strategies you can use for effective team building sessions. However, there are simple ways you can change your attitude and your actions in the workplace that can improve your relationships with your subordinates, and create happier, more engaged employees. The first is to encourage a tight-knit, trusting team environment at work. Disconnected teams are far less productive than groups that know how to work together

It is also incredibly important to just get to know your employees on an individual basis. This shows that you are interested in them as people, and not just as workers, which will really create a more trusting and open environment. Check in with them regularly about their progress and professional goals. It shows that you care about the work that they are doing, and really want them to succeed. Along with this, make sure you show your appreciation when employees are doing well. A simple ‘thank you’ can make an employee feel valued, and this feeling of belonging encourages people to keep working harder, because they know that their hard work will not go unnoticed.

Another simple thing that goes a long way towards creating a positive working environment is giving employees flexibility in the way that they do their work (within reason). Letting employees set their own schedules or use their own work strategies shows that you value their opinions and gives them ownership of their work. Finally, set clear goals for your own engagement with your employees, and hold yourself accountable. This will show your team that you truly value team building. You should also ask for constructive criticism from time to time – it’s another great way to show employees that you value their opinion, and you will get some great strategies for making the team run more smoothly.

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