We are constantly making decisions that can range between what our new job will be to what we will be having for dinner. Some decisions are easy, but there are a lot of them that can be hard to make. For many people, a situation that requires fast decision making can be panic-inducing or paralyzing. However, the ability to make fast decisions is invaluable. Let’s consider a few tips that can help you improve this skill in your daily life.

  • Trust your first instinct

You might feel that you need to think long and hard, but many decisions you make as soon as you hear about the problem. Our first instincts are often more accurate than you think, because you haven’t had the chance to overthink it yet. Your first instinct can point you to what you really want in  a situation. If you feel you don’t know what to do, go with the first thing you thought of. This is because your gut often points you to the thing that attracts you the most, while all the thoughts that come after can work to cover that idea up and make it more difficult to recognize.

  • Limit your possibilities

While having many options can be good, it can also be paralyzing. If you are considering more than 5 or so options, it’s best to cut down the choices. If you can narrow it down to 2 or 3, you are giving yourself a better possibility of making a quick decision rather than being stuck wandering between an impossibly wide selection.

  • Set a time limit

Another thing that can help you make faster decisions is to set a time limit. Give it a minute, two, three, four or five, but no more than this. This strategy will make it easier for you to mobilize your inner resources and make a choice without overthinking it.

  • Make it random

You can flip a coin or put the options on papers and choose one at random. This can allow you to either take the weight off the responsibility. If you flip the coin and feel disappointed, then you will know that the other choice is what you want.

  • Focus on the choice, not the consequences

The idea of failure can paralyze us and prevent us from choosing at all. However, you can focus on the decision you are making instead of trying to anticipate every possible consequence of this decision. Don’t think too much about the future for a quick decision, rather, consider the present. What will this choice do for you now?

In general, it can be hard to make fast decisions. If you feel that you need an extra push, you could use support to reach a breakthrough in this matter. If you are in Sydney, Australia, you can reach out to www.breakthroughcorporatetraining.com.au to help you make better and faster decisions and to achieve that breakthrough you need! You can contact us for a free consultation or a breakthrough coaching session.