One of the main skills that a leader needs to have in order to lead their business or their team to success is decision making. Decisions play the central role in an organization, because they determine the direction the business will take, who will join the team and most other important things. This is why it is important to make good decisions. Take a look at these strategies that can help you make the best decisions for your organization.

  • Remove the constant urgency

When everything needs to be done by yesterday, it puts an undue amount of stress and pressure. You might be pressed to make all decisions fast and often without considering them properly. The first thing you can do is to differentiate between things that are truly urgent and those that are not. It’s important to prioritize and take your time for the decisions that allow it.

  • Seek information

When you make time for the decision, you need to use that time. It’s very important to seek new information and opinions. Ask questions and consider alternatives. See what others think about the choice and what they can contribute to the decision. Seek solid evidence. Information can help you understand the situation better and make a better choice.

  • Have confidence in yourself

Few things can undermine your decisions as much as insecurity. If you are making a choice, don’t focus on how badly it’s going to fail or how you lack the skill to make a choice, because that can lead to overthinking and to decisions based on fear. Trust yourself to make a decision. However, there are times when you truly can’t make the choice that is in front of you.

  • Allow yourself not to know everything

Not all decisions you have to make will be within your power. Sometimes, the decision is beyond your competence or involves getting too deep into a subject you know little about. This is OK, as nobody can be a specialist. To make a good decision, you need to focus on either gathering information, advice and opinions or on delegating the decision to someone else. The knowledge about when to delegate and when to say you don’t know is something very important for a leader.

  • Involve others

Many decisions should not be made by you alone. There are decisions in which others should participate. It can be important to involve your team or the people who will be directly affected by the decision and ask them. This doesn’t mean that they will make the decision, but their contributions can be invaluable and do a lot to increase the trust they have in you.

These are just some ideas you can use to improve decision making in your organization. If you feel you want to achieve a breakthrough in your decision making ability and improve the way your organization handles decisions, you can reach out to We offer our services in Sydney, Australia and will be happy to offer a free consultation or a breakthrough coaching session to help you make better decisions.