When new employees come into an organization, they often receive some training to introduce them to the organization, its values and mission and to the specifics of their work. After this initial training period is over, the employees are left to their own devices. Most organizations place their training program at the beginning, however, should you try to implement an on-going corporate training program? Let’s take a look.

Throughout our lives, we continue to learn. Under the best circumstances, we are able to seek new knowledge and new skills, to grow and develop. We can benefit from a continued process of learning and training, because it allows us to improve. However, work is one area where we are expected to learn, but on our own, because most organizations don’t offer continued training programs. What sort of benefits can these programs have?


Refresher Training

On-going training programs that are implemented every few weeks or months have the benefit of keeping things fresh in the employees’ memory. We tend to forget things we don’t use, so refreshers can keep those things more active and ready if we need them. Also, if the employees receive all the necessary information at once, it’s likely that some of it will be lost in the process, while an on-going program can help employees stay aware of the different things the organization wants them to know.


Things change. An organization can change procedures or processes, implement new programs or have new benefits or sanctions. On-going training programs can help make the employees aware of these changes in a timely manner. Another aspect is that technology and innovation constantly offers new possibilities, but also may require an introduction. Training programs allow employees to receive new information, while also allowing the company to make sure they learned it through assessments.

Prevention and results


Many mistakes and conflicts can be prevented through on-going training programs. They provide a continued assessment of the current skills and awareness of employees and allow to increase these aspects continuously, avoiding errors. On-going training programs can also lead to better results, because employees are constantly going through a development process monitored by the company that can help them achieve a better performance that is more in line with the company’s processes and ideas. Once the process of on-going training is organized, it becomes an effective long-term strategy that can improve performance, prevent problems and make sure the employees are on the same page. While programs do involve expenses in terms of time and money, as well as an on-going effort, they can also represent a strong investment for the future.

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