Influential Leader Program
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This programme is an extension of our Breakthrough Influential Leader Course©. Your leaders will develop skills in self-awareness, serving, leadership styles, and effective leadership. The focus is not on project management, or financial management, but on people management. Almost everything in business succeeds or fails based on the quality of leadership being shown at every level of an organization. Your leaders will grow in their Breakthrough Influential Leadership skills through our regular coaching and training.

Step 1: Design leadership training content tailored to your specific business needs based on the breakthrough influential leadership technology that we have built. In the design, we will collaborate with you to learn what your leadership needs are. We will assess where there are strengths and where the areas of deficiency are. Every organisation and every team is different, so this step is very specific to you.

Step 2: Introduce and train your leaders on the paths that we have set out in Step 1. We will meet with your leaders and train and coach them. In this step, we may also develop effective tracks for “on the job training” of leaders. In this phase, leaders take the principles and skills given in the training and apply these skills to their various roles. As much as 60% of learning takes place in this phase. This is still inadequate without the third step of The 12-Month Breakthrough Influential Leader Programme©.

12 Month Influential Leader Programme

Step 3:Work with your leaders in establishing a coaching and mentoring system. As leaders apply the material, it is important that they are mentored and coached so they are developed to their full potential. In this respect, it is true to say that leadership is more caught than taught. We will work with you to set up coaching and mentoring as needed within your team and we will also provide ongoing coaching and mentoring throughout the 12 months. We will meet with your leaders regularly for implementation and coaching sessions. We can meet your leaders on location at their work or through video conferencing.

Step 4: The character development and personal growth of a developing Leader are crucial if they are to reach their potential. Leadership training will include personal growth, self-awareness, dealing with a negative or unhealthy behaviour, and the development of ethical leadership practices. We will introduce and train your leaders on universally accepted wisdom principles that will strengthen and deepen your leaders.

This 12-month programme will include the following outcomes:

• Teach your leaders the skills of high performing and influential leaders.
• Train your leaders to become complete as a Leader from the inside out.
• Your leaders will be able to identify their natural leadership and communication styles and will learn how to work with other leaders with different
leadership styles in a complementary way.
• Advance with pragmatic competencies such as goal setting, problem solving, conflict skills, delegation, self-care and more.
• Lead with integrity and wisdom principles that will strengthen your courage, influence, and more.

Enquire to find out more about our 12-Month Breakthrough Influential Leader Programme©(This Programme can be delivered in 3 or 6 months as well). This in-depth programme will transform your team culture by focusing on universal principles through one-on-one coaching, group training, and ongoing support. This programme will immerse your team with principles

Find out what your investment will be in one minute or less.