12 Month Principle Driven Programme
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Throughout this programme, you and your employees will become successful by developing principles in the personal and professional areas of character, vision, courage, and leadership. The extent of training and coaching can be customised to your company’s needs. Here are some of the paybacks you will experience if you choose to hire us for this course.

Character – You will become a person of greater integrity and strength. Character will flow through you and your team as you will stand firm on your beliefs and not be swayed in wrong and unjust ways. People will know you to work hard and to be someone who is dependable, humble, and honest. Your character will be developed

Vision – You will have vision and insight into things of the future and, therefore, will worry less and be more prepared. There will be opposition in your life and your vision will allow you to see that there is always a way through the tough times and you will continue to persevere and move forward. You and your team will prosper as you cultivate your attitude, set goals and boundaries have an abundance mindset.

12 Month Character Driven Team Program

Courage – You will look fear, doubt, and shame in the eye and rise above. You will be able to deal with conflict, confrontation, and criticism better and be a witness to the power of forgiveness and releasing judgments. With a strong stand on morality you will deal with pressure and live with conviction and strength.

Leadership – You will have a better direction for your future and people will look up to you and want to be led by you. People will be inspired and influenced by you and you will excel at building others up, understanding, and listening to people. You will become a well-rounded Leader that others will want to follow.

Breakthrough Corporate Training is a partner with Global Priority. Global Priority is based in Ohio USA and it is a worldwide movement of ethical leaders making a difference in the society. Leadership expert – John Maxwell is a board member of Global Priority Solutions and has contributed to their success. Global Priority Solutions has successfully worked with people in 40 countries in governments, businesses, and communities who want to cultivate principle-driven people around them by providing exceptional character and culture training. In a round table setting we will facilitate a journey as we lead teams through individual principles. We will discuss how the principle applies in their workplace and we will lead you through steps and actions to follow. In 1 Day we can lead your team through 4 Principles. We can choose the principles from our library of 40+ principles which include: Ambition, Attitude, Conflict, Confrontation, Correction, Criticism, Dependability, Developing People, Emotions, Direction in Life, Forgiveness, Generosity, Goals, Good Motives, Hard Work, Having Boundaries, Humility, Influence, Inspiration, Judgment, Knowing the Facts, Listening, Morality / Ethics, Patience, Pressure, Productivity, Proper Thinking, Prosperity, Restraint, Responsibility, Sowing, Temper, Understanding People and Wise Planning.

This 12-month programme will include the following outcomes:

• Educate, mentor, and coach your employees to be character and principle driven.
• Teach participants to feel responsible for their productivity.
• Ensure participants learn how to embrace each value and utilize it in the workplace.
• Build a healthy culture where team members have trust, understanding, vulnerability and care for each other.
• Participants will be on a path to reach greater levels of financial success and have greater social impact.
• Cultivate Character in your Leaders and Team.

Enquire to find out more about our the 12-Month Character and Principle Driven Team Programme©. This in-depth programme will transform your team culture by focusing on universal principles through one-on-one coaching, group training, and ongoing support. This programme will immerse your team with principles.

Find out what your investment will be in one minute or less.