12 Month Communication Program
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Many teams will want more than a single workshop for their team culture and communication training / soft skills team training. If you are looking to transform your team culture we offer you this comprehensive programme for your organisation and teams. We will provide a full team culture and communication map and build a customised pathway for your 12-month journey with our training and coaching team.

Although this programme is customisable we have a few suggestions that are proved to lead to the culture transformation your team needs. This will include foundational 7 Life Languages™ workshops, and in-depth character and communication workshops. We will include conflict resolution/leadership development workshops and specialised one-on-one communication coaching with your leaders and participants. Your Managers and Leaders will become absorbed in Life Languages™ and the breadth of skills we provide. We will certify your HR Manager(s) or preferred Manager(s) to become certified to coach with the Life Languages™ and lead internal workshops. As Peter Drucker favmously quoted; “Culture eats strategy for breakfast.” At the end of the 12-months, your team will be equipped with the Communication Culture Transformation Programme© and your intercompany communication and culture will be transformed.

12 Month Communication And Culture Programme

We will customise this programme for your group. Your culture transformation outcomes can be achieved in a number of
ways. This programme will:

• Help your leaders and team members better understand themselves through the 7 Life Languages™.
• Help your leaders and team members understand others through the 7 Life Languages™.
• Create pathways to effective intercompany communication.
• Empower the people in your business or organisation.
• Help your leaders to be intentional in developing people.
• Increase sales and ROI.
• Decrease turnover.
• Decrease misunderstandings.
• Reduce conflict.
• Create diversity training that will eradicate sub-cultures within your company.
• And many more benefits.

Enquire to find out more about The 12-month Communication Culture Transformation Programme© (This Programme can be delivered in 3 or 6 months as well.) This in-depth programme will transform your team culture, character, and communication through one-on-one coaching, group training, and ongoing support. We will train your HR Manager or preferred Leader(s) to become Certified with Life Languages™. They will then be empowered with all of the skills and tools to be able to lead internal Life Languages™ Workshops and coach people in their organisation using Life Languages™

Find out what your investment will be in one minute or less.