Some people think that all criticism is just a negative approach to things.  If you learn from criticism you will earn a position with great men, if you reject criticism you will damage your own interest. To say that all criticism is wrong is the same as saying that we cannot bring correction to anything; that is not common sense. Nobody likes a critic, but we can learn from them. What they say may be true, so we should always be open to receive.

Reasons Why Criticism is a Good Thing

Be grateful for the critics. In fact, it takes courage for someone to tell us what they think. And, criticisms may give us some advantages, it allows us to gain good judgment. If we value the truth over the personality presenting it, we are able to judge the criticism as viable or not. We become wiser. We can always learn from criticism whether it is done well or not. And most important is we become good listeners and are able to analyze the information. If we keep an open mind we then value the critic, understanding that there is an opportunity to better our actions and build more significant relationships.