Motive” is defined as the reason behind our action or for the action; this also identifies our goals and purposes in life. Everyone is motivated by the satisfaction of our desires and moved by powerful impulses or passions. Unfortunately, many of those hidden impulses are self-seeking, and they get us to manipulate others for our own benefit.

Better Motives Lead to Better Collaboration

Here are steps to follow for a better “motives; First is to be transparent. Make sure everyone is clear about the things that are said, done and felt. This effort will help us to be more authentic and truthful and will make us more consistent and real to others. We also need to learn to read people. Listen not only to their words but also to their hearts. This is how we can discern deceit or manipulation. Understand there are consequences with every decision and make sure the decision is in agreement with what is right and ethical. And lastly, Desire to be morally correct. Our goal should be to strengthen our character.

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