Direction is primarily for those who want to go somewhere. We all get somewhere, some unintentionally and others with a planned strategy. To arrive is not the only goal, but also how we travel this path of life and sustain ourselves once we get there. By having a direction in life, we take positive steps. The principles show us the way. Freedom from guilt takes away our confidence. Guilt not only destroys our edge in business but also in our lives because we lose our direction and then begins to doubt ourselves.

When people see us guided by good principles they gain confidence in us. We will also feel fulfilled. We know where we are going in life and what we are doing, that produces joy in our lives. We have a goal and we are truly happy when we reach it. We don’t cause difficulties by doing something wrong that will cost us. Sticking to the principles will keep us from complicating our lives. Lastly, It brings great personal growth. The process of life is like going up a set of stairs, we go step by step following the order to go up. If we don’t use the principles at each stage in our life, we won’t find the next step and we will lose our confidence. We can’t keep going up without a firm foundation on the current and previous steps we have taken.

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