Corporate training is one of the fastest growing occupations around the world. More and more organizations are spending money on high quality corporate training, and demand is high for people who are passionate about motivating others to learn and grow professionally. The field of corporate training is actually expected to see 15 % growth between 2012 and 2022, which is a much higher growth rate than most other occupations. In Sydney, Breakthrough Corporate Training is one of the leading companies in this field. Our corporate trainers and motivational speakers work to inspire employees in many different fields.

To become a successful corporate trainer, you need a few specific character traits and interests. You need to love helping people and genuinely want to see them succeed professionally. Being passionate about what you are doing will make a huge difference in your effectiveness as a corporate trainer. You will also need strong interpersonal and communication skills, as a large part of being a corporate trainer is being a motivational speaker. Think about previous projects and activities you’ve been involved in that might relate to being a corporate trainer – have you helped train people one on one at your current job? Have you coached a sport in the past? Were you often a team leader in school projects? If you’ve really enjoyed work like this in the past, it’s likely you have the potential to be a successful corporate trainer.

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If you want to become a corporate trainer, there are a few different paths you can take. If you are a student looking for a potentially lucrative and fulfilling career path, you can get a bachelor’s degree in something related to corporate training, such as training and development, instructional design, or human resources. This will enable you to get a head start in a quickly growing field by making you a great candidate for entry level corporate training positions.

You can also make a career transition into the field of corporate training. This can be much more difficult, as you are less likely to be considered for entry level positions than someone who is just out of school. However, it is definitely within your reach. Start by researching the field as much as you can via the internet, and try to connect with other professionals in the field through LinkedIn or other professional networking websites or organizations. Once you have done that, see if you can find an established corporate trainer to work with you as a mentor. If you are really passionate about corporate training as a potential career, many people will be delighted to help you. To get a really strong foot in the door, see if you can take some classes that are related to training in some way, either online or through a local university. This will show corporate training companies that you are really serious about working in the industry. Finally, see if you can volunteer for an organization such as a non-profit as a trainer to really build your experience.

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